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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 updated...

Hyee there...what's up... not too late to wish all of u Happy new year 2010... Today, 19 days in 2010, so many things happen early this year... my job is still the target @ effort need to double up.. miss everything in 2009 but we r all need to move on.. I need to be more ambitious this year..a lot of thing I need to achieve... to buy a house and become a mummy...:-D Hopefully, God allows me to be........
Anyway, all I need is effort, loyalty, and...?? what's more?? I need to work hard for this hard in everything...forgot the pass failure, forgot the past unsuccessful effort, forgot unnecessary behavior... Learn on how to be the best in job, around family, as a wife, a daughter, sister, friend....etc
2010..a beautiful number or year..let's start with a prayer + effort= Success!
All the best in 2010...:-D