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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hii again..its Sunday...5 days to go to month of May..Whoaaa.... I am really confuse to think of my situation nowadays.... thinking on to resign my current job or not, or going to attend a business training?? Which one is good? Whoa,, i believe it is not worth where I am working currently but to start a new business is a serious thing and need a huge bold! God please guide me.. but I believe u will make a way to me towards THE BEST!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

U Named it..

Hey ya'll..
Good morning and again working on Saturday in the end of April... and this whole week keep thinking on a new job/ career.. But, i need to be more patient on it.. Whoaaaa... anyway, whatever God's plans for me, I believe that is all good and beautiful..I believe HE will give THE BEST for me and hubby to face the whole future.. HE will give everything in punctual as well! Yess yess! Believe on that... will hang out with some cousins to town.. Specially to my cousin Lydia @ Gidit for celebrating her birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY cuzzy.. Keep in touch and will meet u all after this..
...another thing is that today I really miss 'Ayah' and really miss to call his name! Almost 4 years he 'gone', but he will be always in my heart, mind and prayer. Ayah..I will do my best in life, family, and ur wish for us..I will never let my mind forgot of u.. Ur words and behaviour will keep in my daily routine coz God has gave u special to be my example.. (Thanks Lord) Miss u so much. I need to be strong without u and try not to cry everytime thinking of u.. STOP.
Okay..have to stop now before I became more emotional here..(^_^)
Bye for now. C'ya

Friday, April 16, 2010

H E R B A L I F E Product Price increased!

Hey ya'll... just to give a new info regarding to Herbalife Product Price, it will +3% will increase by 19 April 2010 & all Nutrition Club price increase by 1st of May 2010.... Hence, u may contact me as soon as possible before the date line if u wish to buy some product... For all my downline, please be informed ya... Buy as much as u can before price increased...(^_^)
In addition: The Herbalife Weight Challenge will be continue 'till 27th May 2010.. All the participants please come for BMI checking after received a msg from the organizer.. Tq & good luck..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool comes again....

Hey ya'll...April comes again in this new year of 2010... what will be happen this month huh??
March?? A lot of things happened! A lot! I hate...I love...I like...all happened..What about April...Can't wait what will happen this month as well...Absolutely can't wait...hopefully all will be alright with good news..
I miss to meet all my family member... All my nieces & nephews..Miss them a lot! Hope they'll have a good result in their education..and taking care of our family's name..
Last night, we're celebrating Aldrich's birthday..ha ha crying while blowing his 1 year pity.. (nanti suda besar dia tngk balik gmbr tu).... so cute..! Can't wait until they're all become youth! ha ha
Ok la... till then... c ya!