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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey ya'll...How are ya'll.... i am not so well...Really missing my hometown! Miss my mum, my beloved sisters, nieces & nephews.... But now I still here at home, sleep, eat, online, doing house work.. I am not saying these are all makes me boring but I miss all them...

Raining give us an idea Christmas is really around the corner! Love it love it love it! Thanks God for the celebration.. Hope this year, again we can be able to feel happy along these days...and for sure for getting ready to have a good time for New yaer 2011! Wow can't believe it...I just feel that we're just celebrate 2010...Lols... I really miss u! My baby feel the same feeling as well...(^_^)...Next year she will celebrate Christmas with all family...:-)

Alright, that's all for now...see u by next post....GBU all.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's December! Ho Ho Ho

Hey ya'll...

I am so happy when December comes..I believe ya'll happy as well right...coz this month will be the last month for 2010...wheww...time flies so so fast..and we actually doesn't realize that a lot of things happened along this year, which perhaps bring us happiness or the other way around....for me, every year will bring a lot of meaningful things to myself..

Welcome welcome Decemeber...Let us celebrate our Father's birthday with a humble heart and with a meaningful day with our loves one..! However, I am still sick, weak...huh (sabar saja la, jan saja time Christmas sakit juga..)

Alright, to all my dear friends..I am hoping that whatever ya'll do will be achieveable..Good luck for 2011!

Happy Christmas to all who celebrating! Enjoy!