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Saturday, April 30, 2011

GoodBye April 2011

Hey ya'll.... Once again I am not on duty this Saturday..instead sitting at home, mopping floor, cook, eat, and blogging! Today, will be the last day in ApriL... It seems like time flies so fast, and tomorrow will be May... My due is around the corner, and Im not so sure I will be deliver early or the other way around...?? Now, I am hoping that everything will be alright...

In term or waiting for exact contraction, I am ready for that ANYTIME.. I hope to see my baby so soon in a very good condition and pass all the pain.. My back bone was actually start uncomfortable since my pregnancy was 5 or 6 months.. So that, I have to detain the strong coming painful when my baby is going to deliver... Whoaaa....Please give me stength! Only YOU can gifted me all the strength..

3 weeks to go before my due...seems make me fear. worry, in term of painful...but I wish I will get the strength from my baby & hubby as well.....

Heavenly Father, I knew YOU are already plan when I will be deliver, what time and date, and I believe YOU'LL be at my side whenever I am at the labour room...! Amen.

Bye April, welcome May... This coming May will be my true 1st experience that I can't imagine what will happend... and will become official Mummy to my baby... Same goes to hubby..official Daddy...(^_^) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey ya'll....

Wat's up today?? I suppose to post an entry last Saturday, but since I got 'cirit birit', then I have to postponed it... (^_^) And now, what can I say is that I am so boring in this office.. My task is already finished and around 11.00am I have to go to Likas Hosp. for and O&G appointment. I dun know what will be this purpose..

........................... no idea! I'm sleepy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's become confusing!

Hey ya'll.... wat's up..? well, it still in my head...yesterday, my hubby & I go to Permai P/clinic to scan for baby's performance... Head, stomach, legs, are all in a good condition.... The other thing is that, the doctor check for gender and he said 'it' was a boy...I am a bit shocked actually.... But if my baby is really a boy, what to? Whatever God gifted us, I am grateful...(^_^)

I think this is a surprise huh..... God, please protect my baby in whatever position/ situation.. I only depend on You my Heavenly Father.

Now, even I am confuse...but I do hope that baby's situation and condition is always in a goos situation... And I believe in God.. He has gave us the BEST... Amen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

WaitinG for the days...

Hey ya'll.....Good Morning everyone...How r u? Once again, I am here, sitting on my chair at a boring place...ha ha ha... Well, what should I do other than be patience in whatever happen in front of me....Yeheww Anyway, my younger sister buzz me on, it is not too boring I guess... ha ha ha I am waiting the day coming actually...this week will enter 35 weeks...It can be anytime...(^_^) but whatever it is, my feeling is so much not in a good temperature! I mean I am worried actually... I don't know how it feel it to deliver...Please help me Father...

I am hoping that everything will be in a good condition... God already has a plan for me to deliver.. I believe in Him...

Now, I am waiting for her to moving..that is all because I just want to calculate how many move she takes... Baby, help mum key...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Morning ApRiL...

Hey ya'll.... What's up today...?

We're now in the new month again..It's April everyOne... So what is the next pan of your life? Target for this month? Jeng..jeng..jeng.. Let u and me only know our plan right...? Ok Ok good... pregnancy is now 8 months..only remaining 1½ months to go...Now I can counting the days...huh God blessed me, hubby and baby.. Let whatever happen will be in God's plan. (Please No April fool ya!)

Now, in the office, updating my blog He He He... I'm so much sleeping actually in this early morning...Just now while I am driving felt do sleepy as well..huh Pity my baby, I guess she is sleepy as well since last night we're in bed late at night..:-( Hope my baby is strong enough to face all these situation...and hope that she know whatever effort we've do for our family..(Thank you baby).

Alright...continue to do my work now... See you all next time... God blessed us in this new month.Tata