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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hates my feeling..!

Hye everyone.. today, as usual I'm going to work..(alone in d office).. Im just wondering my feeling since last saturday.. I realize everything happend! wow...just go to the root topic...BUT I can't say it with words.. All I can say is just I am dissapointed, sad, feeling unfortunate.........a lot of feeling I can feel now....what to say huh??
Well yaa I hate these feeling..but why should I think deep of these small matter?? Now, I hate people surround I too stupid? Who will I share all these thing? Nobody..Just me and my blog... My heart cryingggg when I faced all things happen.. yaa I felt it since past few days...
God, plsss forgive me (my feeling, my mind)... I can't say to anybody except YOU.. Help me to train my maturity to face all things..(past, now, later) for the whole of my life..ONLY YOU can calm me..... Hopefully, everything will changed after this..(my feeling)..I can't stop it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrating Christmas...

Christmas comes again in 2009! I wish ya'll Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2010... 2009 goes so fast and so many precious moment happen this year...I thanking God for all these...
For those celebrating Christmas, I hope that ya'll appreciate this meaningful day. Not only meeting family and friends but to ensure that we're fully understanding the meaning of Christmas...
This is the fourth time we celebrate Christmas without our 'Ayah"' sad! But I must to accept this..huh :-( I know he is now in 'a more better place now'..
I will on leave starting on 23rd Dec until next yeae and for sure will 'balik kampung tercinta'...:-D and Im happy to celebrating this coming Christmas with my hubby and new family (1st year).. Hope that God will give us long life so that we can celebrate more Christmas..Thank God.
Before I end my writing, what shoud be the ideal Christmas huh?

December 2009's mood..

Hyee, as usual Im in the office...doing my work with un usual mood and feeling... Im worry something happen..why my feeling like this? OMG..pls....what should I do? so many thing in my mind now? In short word..Im confused! huh.. Today, im so depressed..tension...what elso to say? That's it.
Im re-think 'bout my current carrer/job..should I continue with this company or seek to others? Hopefully, God will make my way with this situation.. I hope I can get sometyhing for next year...nah my writing pun bingung! So many thing to type but Im stuck!
Give me time....