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Saturday, August 22, 2009

This week summary..

Hiii Hiii....weekend comes usual this week was my busy and tired for me...yess that is all I can say as a wife....we cannot run from busy day, tired day, every day's matters... But I am grateful coz HE gave me strength, bold...etc for whole this week... even I've been thinking of something for a past few days but thanks God it settled..Thanks God they could understand me...^_^

Mmmm what else?? my hubby got MC for 2 days last Thursday n Friday..hopefully he will be fine..and and now my back bone is too pain..! I dont know why? Perhaps, I really need a long break...awwww its so nice if I can sleep whenever I want to...LOL

Ok la...tomorrow is Sunday and need to prepare myself to church...ensure to have an enough rest... GB me.. till we meet again my dearest blog..^_^

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Phewww..I just finished updating my blog...change the header and picture! well, its fun....^_^ be idea!

HAPPY SUNDAY.., hubby and I just stay at home...wake up late this morning...whooopss so, don't know what to do this whole day...we just spend time to check e-mails, play games on Facebook...hemmmmm no things to do kahhh?? hehehe

Well, tomorrow will start another weeks and of course will have a long rests at home today...^_^

Ok la..till we meet again...if hv time will post another interesting entry..tadaaaaaaaa

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good morning...

Hi Morning all...

Now I am listening to click to d link suggest by Clarice..:D I woke up early this morning...send my hubby to work...^_^n today I will meet my mum..miss her very much...hopefully, today will make her happy..and hopefully today I have new strength to drive he he...

Ok la...not so much I can say now...wish u have a nice day all day long!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Some of our wedding bridal pictures..

These are some pictures taken from Yes I do bridal...Its simple but I like them..this will become our memory as husband and wife...^_^

Kadazandusun costume..

Love u till d end of time..God bless!