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Thursday, June 30, 2011

@Home Sweet Hometown

Hey ya'll...

Last Tuesday, my baby and I and my mum was going back to hometown at Ranau. We are following Unser because my hubby can't take leave since this Saturday he will be on duty... Since we are here, the weather was fine and baby Clovey was comfortable as well. Hopefully. Today was already day 3 at my hometown and baby is missing her daddy I guess.

..anyway, I hope that everything will be alright every time we are here... I hope that baby will be more like to suck in order to her to growing up. God bless you baby. Amen.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Clovey's Fullmoon

Hey ya'll...

We are actually celebrating our 1st baby fullmoon on the 20th June
2011... I am so much grateful that we are done with it.. Baby fullmoon was successfully celebrated at Dowish Seafood Restaurant, Bundusan with the attendance of our closest family and friends.

God bless our baby.. May God filled you with happiness, strength, healthy, etc.

Here are some pictures:

Baby Queenly & mummy

A cake for her...

Daddy & mummy..

Neng & me

Friends..Kak Jun, Ros & Cath

(Below) Some presents for her

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New gift for my beLoved daughter

Hye again...

I just made an order for the Romper gift set after viewing from Adoreable Baby & Kids Closet. It was from Lahad Datu. And after made a payment for RM47.. It is in progress. And finally I just got my order this morning. I like it so much. It was the first online purchase for my baby. Eventhough she got a lot of romper but I bought it special for her fullmoon. ha ha ha It means she got the first gift from her mummy special for her fullmoon.... Lets take a look at it...(^_^)

Hope she will like it...(^_^)

That's my Baby...

Hey ya'll...

I am posting this entry actually while Baby Clovey is sleeping but she is now moving...Lol... anyway, let her doing her evening exercises.. Today and right now, I am going to share you'll my baby's pictures when she was born.. eventhough now she is going to a month..

Baby 1 week

Baby 3 weeks

The latest baby CLovey

This is my miracle, and I love her so much. No one know how the pain is was but the important thing is that God has created her for me and hubby and HE help us to bring home our miracle. Mummy and daddy love u do much Baby CLovey.

I thank and grateful for the gift HE has gifted us.
See ya...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

FinaLLy I am a mummy to my dearest baby girl..

Hey ya'll...

I supposed to post this entry since last 2 weeks, but because of all unwanted situation I encounter after my delivery I have to postphoned it 'til today.. There are a lot of story to be talk here which I will never forget. From the beginning, I was admitted at the hospital, at the labour room, and at last we are discharge from the hospital.. So many things happened actually... And the painful which I cannot imagine but now I can share to you all! It was so much painful, no words to say. But because of her (my baby), I double up my strength to get her out.

Another thing is that this was actually a surprise for me and hubby which we thought the baby is a boy, but it is the other way around.. the baby is a GIRL.. Thanks God for realizing my pray!

Thank you to my hubby as well to accompanied me along my situation when admitted at the labour room as well.. You are the first to saw baby while she out for the 1st time to thw world.

....Whaoo I have to be hurry before she wakes up! I will continue soon ya!

Welcome to the world baby CLovey QueenLy.....Muahh