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Sunday, February 28, 2010

E n d of F e b...

Good morning, happy sunday @ end of February.......
Well well well, today is end of February...what else to think for next month....times flies so fast... everything is in God's hand.... I need to be more struggle in life, same as my hubby.....
Less of ideas...c u later...

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hyee... I'm steal a little time to drop something in my blog....well, what can I conclude for this whole week...BUSY!!!! Now I knew the feeling...migrain comes to my brain... can't imagine...!
Hope all these will improve my efficiency in doing job and my communication technic... will not forgot this craziest thing in my life!
Thanks God for everything but Im still in the office now, completing my tasks! Wish me luck..........®
Can't imagine life without HIM.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some of my latest pics.. (Dinner, V-Day, C.N.Y-2010)

Hye....all this pics are taken since January 2010... These are some of them...

Hubby & me on Valentine day nite...
Venue: Nosurong Villa.....

Sis nong, Rich & me at my room...(^_^)

All the langu & hubby at Nosurong Villa-V-day nite..


Taken when out for dinner with family in-law...

Venue: Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

Some of my family in-law


Lastly, that's me... Peace..

No idea of b/ground

I've changed my blog backgrond again.... haha now in Brown+blue... How it look? seems extraordinary..... no idea with it... can't find the bestest!

Hyee ya......
Again, me.... just to announce that my sis is going to be launced her website.. not sure the date yet but this is her website... www The main product is Cloth Diapers, which suitable to wear for a new born baby until 3 years old and above toddlers.. for sure, all mummy wants the best for their love one...This is more cheap and save. Here (website), u may ask for ur order + find more healthy product including HERBALIFE, SALINDAH, NANO WATER, etc........ U may directly visit this website.. No regret, but HAPPY!
C ya....

What should be d best tittle....?

Hiii again in February... i've just update this blog since last January...less time to sad.. miss to share anything thru this blog..what should be the best tittle for this post? well, anyway...I've just changed my blog background and it's pink colour... i don't really like 'em but don't noe where to find more nicer layout actually....lolsss
Today is Saturday and I'm off from working today..feel so great! Happy! Free! As a wife, today I'll do a lot of house-work.. washing, cleaning,....etc, having a breakfast with Herbalife, as well as to my hubby....At least we've full of nutritions for this morning...(^_^)
What should I do next? Boring to think about next week, another week to go working! Sometimes I hate it..driving is tiring for a wife like me (actually that becoz of lazy/ far to go work)... :-( About my job/ my permanent carrier? All depends on God's decision.. Recently, I've apply for the KPLI which due on 21st Feb 2010. And I do hope that I'm qualified for this position since this is my second time.. Amen.
What else to say, so many in head but can't write 'em out.. (^_^) Some thing very P & C, better not to write.. again (^_^)
Alright, need to do some task now..Off now, continue latter... c ya..