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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New job....

Hey all...
Next week will be my 1st day going to work..what should be in my mind?? Fear? Happy? Yes m happy coz I will be busy..(should I?) ehe no la.... I just want to prepare my mind n my heart for all kind of situation I will confront..:D

I will post another entry nex week...see how my job are? curiously.... c'ya!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Holaa.... It seems so long I didn't post any entry hoo...

1st of all..THANKS GOD for HIS mercy and kindness for me..woww I believe HE really guide me..Well..Im married now..New status,new place,new mind,new life....everything..!I've oready think and ready for everything to become a new person..(wife) B4 that, my thanks to all my family member,closest family, cousins, big2 family(my side n husband side), friends,PMM,...and whoever take parts during our wedding ceremony..Ur helpful hands and ideas will I put in my prayer n mind.

As a wife, its totally different..and yes I admit it is very different for me...I can see the responsiblity and life would be change from now on..:D Im happy for this..and now will be work hard to anything chances that given for me...Thanks God,after married I got a new job as a maintenance assistant..I promise to work hard and put all my responsiblity, enthusiasm, creativity,........etc... TQ TQ TQ Next week will be my 1 day working and for sure, HE will be my guide in anything I do and let HIM conquer my heart and mind! AMEN.:D