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Monday, August 30, 2010

More coming holiday!

Hye ya'll....
What's up!? 2 more days to finish this month.. This is so exciting is otw... can't wait for September coz more coming holiday... This 31st Aug, will go for honeymoon again..:-) & end of the month will go for mountain climbing.. God blessed us for all these coming days....
Yesterday, we're just arrived from village, and already (melepaskan kerinduan) to my mum, youngest sister, and all...almost 3 month didn't home, it feels like a thousand month! At least that, I met all of them.. even some of them are doing not a sense thing for me...:-(
Anyway, at least that I am so happy for a day...without our beloved ayah.. I am really miss him but we can't do to let him back again. I am regret because he 'go' but I am still need him for re-align our family... (Pls no regret!)
Okay, now I am going to think of my future responsibilities... Hanging out with hubby without any disturbance from others. Hope all my family members will feel happy for this coming holiday, and the most important is to Depends on Him for all situation! For sure, He will pay everthing that we need. Thanks God.
Bye for now, and perhaps we will meet again in September..(^_^)
Enjoy your holiday.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4th Years Anniversary of My Late father

Hey ya'll....
Just a gentle reminder of my late father 4th anniversary on 17th August 2006.... i will never forget you as my nicest father on earth... God will always with us..... God blessed!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcoming August!

Hey ya'll.......whoaaa its August may things happenend since last month.. we're already reached more than half of year. Time flies so so fast........ Don't know how to express my feeling...
For sure, today 4th of Aug 2010, I am not feeling WELL! Only me and God knows it better.. :-(
Well, I hope this month will bring me more happiness, comfort, healthy...etc. For sure, God..I need it all.. Thank you.
Anyway, this month remid me for the last 4 years past while my 'Ayah' passed away because of critical diease & painful.. G B him... (Sure). God, guide me and my siblings so that we can plan wisely whatever necessary just to remind him.
My business, not so good... less time to concentrate on it.. But I will continue to it since I will promoted to Supervisor this month (^_^)
I really hope this month will bring luck to me & hubby....also my family!