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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Updated! FOREVER LIVING!

Hello folks!

Its a long time I didn't post any new entry in my blog... Huhhh but my hobby is still the same yah, and of course it's so many updated from me and I'm trying to share it all...! 

First, I thanked God for everything He has done for me, my family, my job, my career, my business. Whatever I am encounter, I believe there is always a way to move on!


So lets talk about this richest & multi-billionaire company. Founded by Dr Rex Maughen in 1978 in Arizona US. I am very proud and so lucky when my upline introduce me this beautiful products and business on earth. 


First thing first, I am fall in love with the products actually.. I've been consuming Forever Aloe Vera Gel since early this year 2015. 

At that time I'm still not a member, still borrowing my aunt's ID since she is my close aunt. My first glance about the product was very positive because I did saw my aunty consuming it since she was doing some operation last more than 10 years ago. But at that time, I am still young and didn't know anything about business! And since 3 years ago, I diagnose with gastric pain and I feel very unhealthy! I did spent thousands to see a specialists doctors and pay for the treatment including medicine! I am really NOT enjoy it!

Then, early of this year, my aunt accompanied me to Forever Centre, Kota Kinabalu and I bought some Forever Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Berry Nectar if I'm not mistaken. I'm taking Nectar because my menses is not regular as well. After a few weeks consuming Nectar, my menses is normal until now. Thank Forever!
Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Berry Nectar

We will learn about all products soon. But actually it already available at my other blog.

So, that is all for now.. I'm going to update my other blog! See you then.!

Simply reach me at:

Facebook Page: Forever Miracle Aloe
Whatsapp: 012.869.36.37

Miracle Aloe Founder!
Let's make our-self proud!
Let's get healthy & rich with FOREVER!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Whoaaaa Holla....
It is a very long time I didn't post anything in my dearest BLOG.
First of all, Thanks God I am still breathing and enjoy my life everyday with my beloved daughter and hubby... Thanks God for the health, wisdom, & wealth that you have gave to me and my big family. I miss to sing for You, and wish You are my best friend FOREVER.

Now, I am still working with current company in Kota Kinabalu. Thanks God for the job where I have improved a lot! I do hope even I am running my business (shop/ online) as well, I still can manage everything. I hope for future I will be a great in business.

Always no ideas and more time to type here.. Of course I have a lot of activities, and do much much more to do... I've set up a shop but still have no time to open coz I am working.. That's why I am into confusion, blur... hahaha! Can someone give me an ideas...???

Bah ok la... Will continue soon (^_^)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Best Burger in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hey hey..long time no post! I'm glad to share with you all our Best Burger in town! Even though we still new in this area but we have a very great response from our valued customer compared to previous location (^_^). THANK YOU.

Now let me share to you some pictures..

Samurai Burger( Macam-macam ada)

Lokasi gerai burger ini terletak di Putatan, Kota Kinabalu sebelah Giant Open Air.. Kalau ragu2 mana 1 tapaknya Chalsburger, boleh la lihat pandangan hadapan gerai..masa siang & malam di bawah...

Chicken Burger

At Night

Front view

 Keadaan di siang hari

Dibuka setiap hari dari jam 5.00pm hingga 11.00pm.. Ditutup kalau ada hal la.. ^_^
Masa ditutup sebenarnya x menentu..kalau masi ramai pelanggan, sah layan! :))

Alright, for those yang penggemar burgerlicious tu, jom round2 Putatan! Mmg berbaloi & sedap!!!

You may visit for more story!!

Thank you for your support!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Hyee helllooo

Long time no post  any entry... and of course a lot of things happened!
Since last year, we're going to Long Tanid for Christmas celebration.
And 4th of January 2013 we've moved to our new house. Thanks God. And I fell sick for almost 2 months. Thanks God I am now feel more healthy. And I can take a good care of my beloved daughter.
Now She almost 1year and 10months. ( weight 10.1kg, height 83cm). Doctor also said she is in a small body figure. Anyway, I am feel so grateful for everything HE had blessed me & family.

Soon, I am planning to do a new business..but soon I will update. Hopefully I am able to share. Because I feel Im gonna busy with all those thing. Heavenly Father, You are my savior, guide my way. Amen.

Till then, have to do a lot of things.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Update!

Hey ya'll...
I didn't know where to start... It was like so long time I didn't post any entry in this my lovely blog.
8 months after resigning form my ex-company, now I am back to a new company! I have to let my daughter stay at home with my in-law. So pity, and I wish I will always besides my cutie. So that I can see everything about her. 

But now.. I am in the office again. Nice office, nice colleagues, nice boss, safety was very dangerous!
A lot of snatching cases was happened around this area.  I wish that our boss will find other good office around Damai or Luyang! OOohh I hope so.

Anyway, now is rest time. I took my lunch alone today. They are all got their all business.Aaarrghhh so malas to think now. Got to go. See ya.

Have a nice day you all..  I am not in a good mood :-(

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey ya'll.. It's a very long time I didn't post any entry to my dear blog. was actually my bad day! My Facebook Profile for QueenLy Closet was hacked/blocked!!?? I don't know which 1?? Surely don't know... I'm so sad, worry, I cannot retrieve all messages & comments from it..Arrgggh.. Who can help me to convert into Personal Account????????

Well..its better to talk other matter.....
Now My Queenly already 1 Year and 1 Mth.. She seems know how to express her feeling, angry, refuse....etc eat a lot I guess.. nice sleep after suffer from 1 week fever, flu & diarrhea because of tooth growing.. So pity her. But I'm happy she is now growing so fast. Even she's a bit small than other child same age with her. 7.8kg weight on the age of 1Y. 

Anyway, I wish to talk much here.. but time so valuable! I have to finish all my work, prepare this and that..but actually I am not in a happy mood because of what I mentioned above. I hope, I can visit again my dear blog. Telling anything I like. Till then.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your 11-month-old: Week 4

How your baby's growing:

If your baby isn't walking already, she's likely to take her first independent steps soon. (If not, don't worry. Some perfectly normal babies are 17 or 18 months old before they start walking.)

You can encourage your baby to walk by standing or kneeling in front of her and holding out your hands. Or hold both her hands and walk her toward you. If she's like most children, your baby will take those early strides with her arms out to the side (for balance) and bent at the elbows, her feet turned outward, and belly out in front while her bottom sticks out behind (also for balance).

As always, make sure your baby has a safe environment in which to practice her new skills. Follow standard childproofing guidelines and never leave your baby unattended. And keep the camera ready!