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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey ya'll...How are ya'll.... i am not so well...Really missing my hometown! Miss my mum, my beloved sisters, nieces & nephews.... But now I still here at home, sleep, eat, online, doing house work.. I am not saying these are all makes me boring but I miss all them...

Raining give us an idea Christmas is really around the corner! Love it love it love it! Thanks God for the celebration.. Hope this year, again we can be able to feel happy along these days...and for sure for getting ready to have a good time for New yaer 2011! Wow can't believe it...I just feel that we're just celebrate 2010...Lols... I really miss u! My baby feel the same feeling as well...(^_^)...Next year she will celebrate Christmas with all family...:-)

Alright, that's all for now...see u by next post....GBU all.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's December! Ho Ho Ho

Hey ya'll...

I am so happy when December comes..I believe ya'll happy as well right...coz this month will be the last month for 2010...wheww...time flies so so fast..and we actually doesn't realize that a lot of things happened along this year, which perhaps bring us happiness or the other way around....for me, every year will bring a lot of meaningful things to myself..

Welcome welcome Decemeber...Let us celebrate our Father's birthday with a humble heart and with a meaningful day with our loves one..! However, I am still sick, weak...huh (sabar saja la, jan saja time Christmas sakit juga..)

Alright, to all my dear friends..I am hoping that whatever ya'll do will be achieveable..Good luck for 2011!

Happy Christmas to all who celebrating! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its the End of November

Hye hye... I'm back to say goodbye to month of Nov 2010... Byeeeee There are so much things happened this month.. but I am still the same....keep feeling Not well...(sigh) its waiting for the Christmas in advanced...can't wait it...It comes again this year...and seems time flies so so fast..isn't it? And now we can start thinking what to do next year...The greatest plan is now start playing inside many! but it al still a question mark... whether we can achieved it or the other way around...for me, there's a lot of my own planning should be done...

For sure, I can't wait my baby grow in my womb and how she/he looks like? And what is the gender? still question mark....? Hope everything will be Ok...And Ibelieve in Him who gave me strength to face this journey of His greatest gift for me and hubby.. i believe He already done the best for my baby....Thanks my Father...

Alright, now it's time to having a baby is seems so much hungry...(^_^) and mummy too... Have a great month of December in advanced.. Have a good health to all my preggy friends...( Deb, Gix, Diana, Ruby )...We will perhaps meet after our baby growing up since we are so much far from each other. Have a nice day all my blogger friends. God blessed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi ya'll...what's up? I am not feeling well since last Sunday..huh its so shocked when realized that I am bleeding that day..what can I say and do...just see doctor..Grateful, doctor scan and baby was in good condition.... and since yesterday and today, I didn't go working because of still worried 'bout bleeding... Thanks to all family & friends who gave me support...

...and now I'm not sure whether should go for work or not.. so far! One thing is I have to drive for a long journey..huh.. Think to resign for a unworth job, I think its logic right..., Im just depend on God's decision..Im just pray, pray and pray...That's all what I can do... (sigh*)

I am hoping that there is no bleeding again...and hope I can take a good/ enough rest at home..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcoming My Month...

Hey ya'll...

I am actually feeling NOT well...seems wants to back early--going to clinic first.. ermm.. I am a bit dissapointed actually coz this 1st of Nov I got a feeling like this.. so sad. But what can I do...this is not all I want..

Whatever it is..I wanna go home.have a rest.whoaaaa...

GB us for this lovely month.:-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy birthday to my beloved hubby

Hey ya'll....

I supposed to post this entry yesterday, but because of so
many things to do, I forgot to post this, since yesterday night we are enjoyed celebrating hubby's birthday at Donggongon, Penampang. We're just took our dinner and then back to Neng's house for cake cutting. Thanks for their surprised.

And today, back to work, I felt so much weak the whole body.. pity my baby, her mummy didn't strong enough. Maybe because of I ate a lot last night. Today, I think I ate more again. Whoa...please no nausea...(^_^)
Alright, To my beloved, Charles Kawat @ Joseph, Happy birthday to you 35th years old. I wish you all many return in life, successful story, and next year be ready to be daddy...(^_^).
For all my dear friends, all the best for ya'll as well ya.. Let God be the First in ur decision.Amen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The 'Age' 2

Hey ya'll..

Today, I didn't go working due to my nausea & gastric become worst...woahhh... It so painful you know...And just for sharing, my pregnancy is now 10 weeks age.. what the baby look like?? (^_^) Hope everything goes fine..

What I hope is that I will be more Okay compared today's morning... No taste to eat, sleep not well as well....Hoping that I will be more strong as usual to face all this situation.. Thanks for my hubby's support..You are my dearest friend ever in life.. and for sure will be a good daddy for my baby...
All I want is strengthness... Whatever it is, Thanks God for this wondeful Gift that You has gave us both.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The 'Age'

Again...... as refer to Dr Sophia, my pregnancy just 6 weeks and 4 days.About more than a month. i need to be more careful even i am so excited! (^_^) be continue..

Thank You For the GIFT God..

Hey ya'll.... what's up...
I just wanna share with you all 'bout my precious moment which I've just knew....Today will be a history for me in my life...I will become Mum soon.... I never expect this because I just climbed the Kinabalu Mountain which will be a tough journey! I believe God heard my Prayer while I Pray at the Low's Peak! Thanks God for every patience that u have gave for me and husband....

This good news will be a surprising for every of my family member....especially hubby....! I will let him know at home (^_^)...Now still at office...

Now, I felt the morning sickness that every women felt.. and I know that it is so pain! Whatever it is THANKS God and let me learn day by day to become more careful, eat an healthy foods, be nice to other... and to YOU My Saviour. I believe in You, u enable me to do/ face all these. Amen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Other Sad day for Us....

Hey ya'll....

Its a long story to discuss...and actually I didn't know how to begin?? But all i know is that my family and I still feel the sadness, dissatisfy, the anger, pity...etc.. Whatever happened to the Late Baby Femberly Faith is all in God's plan which we cannot argue...But why must the doctor & nurses become the reason she "Go", before we know 'her'? She is so much pity...I can't explain with word of mouth.... She is so much beautiful baby in the this world, but will so much beautiful at Jesus side..

I hope my sister & her husband will be more strength and patience... This should be our 2nd lost of our family....God will always be with us...For sure...We only depends on HIM all the time...wherever we are, wherever we step...

21 August & 18 September..will be our remembrance/ memory for these two persons...

Lack of idea to write......... see ya...

G B U all...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Again...

Hey ya'll...
I wish that I am at home today... No mood to do work.. Confuse, lazy....etc why this feeling arise when in holiday mood... Anyway, I hope everything goes fine today.. Even I didn't like so much to think of certain certain people, but I have to face them up! God, forgive me for this.

OK now, tomorrow will be holiday + weekend, but it seems like no holiday right..Hope hope everything goes fine during these holiday. Gather with family at home town. Hanging out together..etc. And.....I hope that whenever I came back from holiday, there will be a good news for me..(HOPE + PRAY = GOD WILL ALWAYS THERE TO ANSWER)

I'd like to share some of my latest pictures which taken randomly..during our outing to Papar.

So sad, I am gaining weight now...fuhhh increase about 2 kg.. Look at my cheek! arghhhh be continue..

Monday, August 30, 2010

More coming holiday!

Hye ya'll....
What's up!? 2 more days to finish this month.. This is so exciting is otw... can't wait for September coz more coming holiday... This 31st Aug, will go for honeymoon again..:-) & end of the month will go for mountain climbing.. God blessed us for all these coming days....
Yesterday, we're just arrived from village, and already (melepaskan kerinduan) to my mum, youngest sister, and all...almost 3 month didn't home, it feels like a thousand month! At least that, I met all of them.. even some of them are doing not a sense thing for me...:-(
Anyway, at least that I am so happy for a day...without our beloved ayah.. I am really miss him but we can't do to let him back again. I am regret because he 'go' but I am still need him for re-align our family... (Pls no regret!)
Okay, now I am going to think of my future responsibilities... Hanging out with hubby without any disturbance from others. Hope all my family members will feel happy for this coming holiday, and the most important is to Depends on Him for all situation! For sure, He will pay everthing that we need. Thanks God.
Bye for now, and perhaps we will meet again in September..(^_^)
Enjoy your holiday.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4th Years Anniversary of My Late father

Hey ya'll....
Just a gentle reminder of my late father 4th anniversary on 17th August 2006.... i will never forget you as my nicest father on earth... God will always with us..... God blessed!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcoming August!

Hey ya'll.......whoaaa its August may things happenend since last month.. we're already reached more than half of year. Time flies so so fast........ Don't know how to express my feeling...
For sure, today 4th of Aug 2010, I am not feeling WELL! Only me and God knows it better.. :-(
Well, I hope this month will bring me more happiness, comfort, healthy...etc. For sure, God..I need it all.. Thank you.
Anyway, this month remid me for the last 4 years past while my 'Ayah' passed away because of critical diease & painful.. G B him... (Sure). God, guide me and my siblings so that we can plan wisely whatever necessary just to remind him.
My business, not so good... less time to concentrate on it.. But I will continue to it since I will promoted to Supervisor this month (^_^)
I really hope this month will bring luck to me & hubby....also my family!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Working on Saturday- Not feel good..!

Hey ya'll....once again...I am working on this Saturday and Saturday next week.. I will say it boring but I should face it all... what should I do.Everything reality must be face right.. Today's sad.. happy a bit..can't wait to see mum and Rich..(^_^) Miss all my family so muchh..! Including him (late father)... Yes..I was dream 'bout him.. can't remember but really miss him.
Sad? why? don't know? Perhaps because of..someone..? (no need to mention)... I do much realize that why should I write down all these on by blog? I mean my feeling.. No one could understand someone feeling... hence, no need to write actually.. but its okay.. Hope i will get some fun after write it all...................... No idea to point to discuss... and just me.... I only talking 'bout me....LOLSSSSSS
...and see...this makes me feel good..not to be weak!Thanks my blog.. dududu.....
C ya........

Friday, July 2, 2010

Its July!!

Hey ya'll... How are u..?? Hope everything is fine..good..success!
Anyway.. we're in the month of it seems time flies so fast right?? Half year in 201o.. I feel like we're just move to the year 2010.... (^_^)
Alright, I just wanna share...this Sunday (4th of July.2010) will be our Badminton tournament-BPCSB...haha...well, i just to do my best la...:-) wish me luck..
Alright, have fun, enjoy this month and May God Blessed more for this month... (^_^)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a boring week!!

Hey ya'll.... once again Im off on this Saturday..i am supposed to go work today but because of we just deal for exchange our off day... anyway....
Yess for sure this week was soooooo booooringgg! I don't know why... everyday driving...workingggg... not feeling well... I need a vacation...long holiday with family!! miss them so much... Everything has changed.. that's the reality.. I am now a wife and must assist my hubby in our daily life everyday.. Not so much free as the past...(^_^)
However... I DON'T like my current job!! (Sigh) It is better to continue my business instead of working...... well, what should I do...I HAVE to count for a lot of aspects..(Sigh)...Malassss.... I need my strength back! Come to me...haha seems I just talk to the wall!
What is that an anger?? ha ha no like that la... wake up!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey ya'll...
I just want to say boring!! What should I do in this month instead of just working working and working?? Everyday is working then it will same to 'no life'... hahaha I did'nt meant it but I need a new job... Really really really hope!
It is not because of the environment, but more on to myself.. huh dont know whay Im saying... better off.. Hope everything will change soon!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hey ya'll...I'm back just only to wish us Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to me and beloved hubby.... Just to share anniversary quotes:
"Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times & a time to look a head to live our dreams together"
Love u very much my hubby Charles J.K..I wish our love will remain the same from the 1st day we meet, now until forever... God makes me love u more and more... I still remember this sentence..:-) That sincere from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for this meaningful love which I found with him.. Muahhhhhhhh

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What next???

Hey ya'll...... I've been hardly thinking of my life everday... It seems, problem come one by one into my life & family... What next??? I dont to think 'em much...really don't want.. Irritating, anger, sadness, dissapointed.....what is the next?? No happy.... I've felt so so so much sad for everthing what happened... I've own not so much strength to encounter all these... Yess, people will see my happy face but it is all a fake! In deep my heart so painful... Nowadays, Im less praying.. Don;t know why? I can't pray!
But I believe I still hope that someday I will fell the happiness and everything will be alright.. Only God knows..
I am grateful to have such a good husband.. He is the only one I can share everything now..
See ya...No idea...Im weak..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulation to the Winner of Weight Loss Challenge...

Hyee again.... I need to express my happy feeling coz my hubby eventually become the Winner for Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge... He had loss for 14kg in 3 months..... and won RM1,200 for 1st place... Congrats!
I'll uploading the pictures soon...:-)

At least I am happy for today..

Hey ya'll.... Today I am just started my on leave... and continue for a long holiday due to Wesak and Kaamatan day! Happy holiday...
My thanks to my beloved hubby.. He just bought me a new Sony Hp.Now I own my C905.even it is not a new Sony model... Grateful for that..(^_^)
I wish that I will be more happy for this coming holiday which everyone should do! I need to be more strong enough to face all people!
Alright, see ya in my next entry..c ya..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still the same....

Hey ya'll.....
Actually, i dont know what to type here today.... my heart, mind, whole body....are still the same....pain! I am trying to accept whatever challenge which NOW in front of my eyes... I can't run from this after all happened... Only God's know my feeling now.. I can even feel 100 types of feeling.. and not sure when it will disappear. Your heart is crying and you can' share to is it feel huh??
Pleaseeee... I am trying to be patient and tolerant...Guide me to solve this!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something I NEVER expected...Only God knows...

I am speechless for what happened currently....! I can't say it with words or in a sentence because this HURT me so much! My deep heart was really hurt because of someone that I really love...
Only God knows it better... How we can handle this after this? I don't know... Please guide me and all of them. I am not going to blame anyone in this matter BUT surely my heart say YES. This is so hurt me.. My high expectation suddenly goes down.. and I felt my blood pressure!! All my whole body shaking with my broken heart, with tears!! So hurt.. !!
God please forgive me if I never do my resposibility....Who should be blame into this matter??

Happy birthday to my buddy Alden Lymbai...

Hey ya'll....
Ha ha...he is actually my nephew which is now 6 years old oready... Hopefully, we can celebrate his birthday at Ranau home...(home sweet home)......
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALDEN... Love u so much! All d best in life~future..(^_^)
With love From Aunt Wyna.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can't wait until tomorrow..!

Hey ya'll....

Happy sunday to all my greatest blog's friend.....:-)

well, another thing to share is I can't wait until tomorrow.....She (my lovely sister) will come back from Malacca to KK! Yess... I'll pray for ur journey from Malacca-KL-KK...God will always watching ur 1st step out of home until reach to KK.. God will guide ur way and every single things u do until we meet again in SABAH!

See ya Sis Renna Avi!

Happy birthday to my late dearest friend....

Today is Late Hillarie of my closest friend who passed away last year (2009) because of critical illness.... I believe he is in heaven now with Heavenly Father and surely he is now live in peace 'there'.....
I will remember all our memories while together in U, PMG....etc... u are called true friend and 'till now I can't believe u 'go'. I believe u are now more healthier than before... GBU my friend....
U will always in my mind... Thanks for being a such good friend.
HE loves u more! Amen.

Happy Engagement to cuz Lynda & Ronny

Hey ya'll....yesterday should be a unforgetable day for Lynda & Ronny....Happy Engagement and soon will be a husband & wife...M G B U both!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday working..

Hey ya'll..
Today I am not so happy.. Not because of working on Saturday.. maybe because of I miss my home town..more than 2 month I am not there..and yeahh it's a long period for me.. I miss everything there...House, room, environment, trees, town, church...and most important all my family... MISS THEM A LOT....!
Sometimes my mind blank of everything around me.... so many things to mentions. but that's called life..I must go on.. Something I want to share here, but I can't...yes its my secret between my God & me... let me handle it myself and let God guide me..
My job?! What to say huh? Yupp, 3 pcs of application letter has been sent to 3 selected company.. If God want this happen then I will be called for an interview..(^_^)
Alright, I'll continue my work now.. see ya'll in next entry..

Monday, May 10, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY TO ALL MUM! (Especially my mum)

Again, Mother's day comes again..... I still remember last year was the last we've celebrate Mother's day at my home town... I bought a bouquet of flower for my mum and sisters! (^_^) And this year, again...Happy that can bring my mum out to the city.. with my lovely sis and her two little Power Rangers..(^_^) At least that I saw she is happy for what I've gave to her... Not so expensive but it sincere from me... I am so happy yesterday while hang out with them.. Even I feel tired but Happy feeling able to fight it. Lols.. true!

What about the other?? Have u say Happy Mother's day to your mum? I will be the one who is sooooo happy if mum happy..and can celebrate Mother's day...Anyway, I believe each of you have enjoyed ur day..(^_^)

Some photoes we've took yesterday:

Love u mum...

My mum, gorgeous sister & 2 brilliant Power Rangers!


Im just happy my hubby finally found our LOVE story book....(^_^).. These book content a lot of our love expression/explanation between two of us since the 1st time we've met in 2001..... (Miss that time) Thank you hubby.....

These are them:

All can I say is Thank you and I'm happy! (^_^)


Hey ya'll... Good morning...its 9.25 a.m in KK.... Today, I'm on leave... Woke-up early this morning..prepared shake for my hubby n me... then send my hubby to work. So many thing on my mind but can't do it all lump sum! Whoaa... today will be the last day for Weight Challenge..and who will be the winner... Hopefully hubby can win this...(^_^)
Anyway, should I send all the application letter to selected company that I've wrote? Please guide me Father. I know u the One who ask me to do this...(^_^)
What else to say? My part-time business just ok. and less time to meet people..What to do? And I am just thinking that I still interested working in a company/ office.. Perhaps, I am less concentrate in doing this business.... OR sometimes the other way around! huhhh.....
1 week to go before SPA result! Whatever it is, I hope for good result and this will be a chance for me to get a stable job...(Hopefully).. Yes, I need to improved the way we live now..I'm not saying we're not good but for me, I didn't satisfy of my current job... (actually blur and a bit dissapointed what the HOD has gave me). Sometimes, I put a lot of effort just to do my job and to satisfy my HOD but I felt that it waste my time... I mean: (ada2 saja yg x kena) refering to what I have done.. I do believe these are all will improved my job experience but for me I am truly dissapointed for almost a year working with them.. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity.
Another thing, 1 week before my lovely sister will back to KK! Yesss! I am waiting for her since there's a lot I will share with her... Can "lepak" and talking about everything! LOLSSS~~ (can't wait)............. I hope she can give me least I can say everything that burden me....(Sorry sis) Im just kidding! (I believe she will get a better result for this semester).
Alright. Bye for now...will continue with next entry!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May comes again!

Hey ya'll..its May already! What to think huh? Times flies soooooooooo fast.....! Without realize it is almost reach to half of the year 2010..... well, my job is still d same... My age at Bina Puri Construction is also will come to a year... The only thing I think is Im grateful for the boring job & position....huh??? A lot of things happen..only a few changed!
I am hoping for a good news in this month...Please, Make my way oh God...Only u can guide me... Double up my effort, so that I can improve my situation now....
No idea to say...but very happy its May!! My marriage is 1 month to go for our 1st anniversary..Wish good news as well....(^_^)
Till then.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hii again..its Sunday...5 days to go to month of May..Whoaaa.... I am really confuse to think of my situation nowadays.... thinking on to resign my current job or not, or going to attend a business training?? Which one is good? Whoa,, i believe it is not worth where I am working currently but to start a new business is a serious thing and need a huge bold! God please guide me.. but I believe u will make a way to me towards THE BEST!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

U Named it..

Hey ya'll..
Good morning and again working on Saturday in the end of April... and this whole week keep thinking on a new job/ career.. But, i need to be more patient on it.. Whoaaaa... anyway, whatever God's plans for me, I believe that is all good and beautiful..I believe HE will give THE BEST for me and hubby to face the whole future.. HE will give everything in punctual as well! Yess yess! Believe on that... will hang out with some cousins to town.. Specially to my cousin Lydia @ Gidit for celebrating her birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY cuzzy.. Keep in touch and will meet u all after this..
...another thing is that today I really miss 'Ayah' and really miss to call his name! Almost 4 years he 'gone', but he will be always in my heart, mind and prayer. Ayah..I will do my best in life, family, and ur wish for us..I will never let my mind forgot of u.. Ur words and behaviour will keep in my daily routine coz God has gave u special to be my example.. (Thanks Lord) Miss u so much. I need to be strong without u and try not to cry everytime thinking of u.. STOP.
Okay..have to stop now before I became more emotional here..(^_^)
Bye for now. C'ya

Friday, April 16, 2010

H E R B A L I F E Product Price increased!

Hey ya'll... just to give a new info regarding to Herbalife Product Price, it will +3% will increase by 19 April 2010 & all Nutrition Club price increase by 1st of May 2010.... Hence, u may contact me as soon as possible before the date line if u wish to buy some product... For all my downline, please be informed ya... Buy as much as u can before price increased...(^_^)
In addition: The Herbalife Weight Challenge will be continue 'till 27th May 2010.. All the participants please come for BMI checking after received a msg from the organizer.. Tq & good luck..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool comes again....

Hey ya'll...April comes again in this new year of 2010... what will be happen this month huh??
March?? A lot of things happened! A lot! I hate...I love...I like...all happened..What about April...Can't wait what will happen this month as well...Absolutely can't wait...hopefully all will be alright with good news..
I miss to meet all my family member... All my nieces & nephews..Miss them a lot! Hope they'll have a good result in their education..and taking care of our family's name..
Last night, we're celebrating Aldrich's birthday..ha ha crying while blowing his 1 year pity.. (nanti suda besar dia tngk balik gmbr tu).... so cute..! Can't wait until they're all become youth! ha ha
Ok la... till then... c ya!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

E n d of F e b...

Good morning, happy sunday @ end of February.......
Well well well, today is end of February...what else to think for next month....times flies so fast... everything is in God's hand.... I need to be more struggle in life, same as my hubby.....
Less of ideas...c u later...

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hyee... I'm steal a little time to drop something in my blog....well, what can I conclude for this whole week...BUSY!!!! Now I knew the feeling...migrain comes to my brain... can't imagine...!
Hope all these will improve my efficiency in doing job and my communication technic... will not forgot this craziest thing in my life!
Thanks God for everything but Im still in the office now, completing my tasks! Wish me luck..........®
Can't imagine life without HIM.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some of my latest pics.. (Dinner, V-Day, C.N.Y-2010)

Hye....all this pics are taken since January 2010... These are some of them...

Hubby & me on Valentine day nite...
Venue: Nosurong Villa.....

Sis nong, Rich & me at my room...(^_^)

All the langu & hubby at Nosurong Villa-V-day nite..


Taken when out for dinner with family in-law...

Venue: Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

Some of my family in-law


Lastly, that's me... Peace..

No idea of b/ground

I've changed my blog backgrond again.... haha now in Brown+blue... How it look? seems extraordinary..... no idea with it... can't find the bestest!

Hyee ya......
Again, me.... just to announce that my sis is going to be launced her website.. not sure the date yet but this is her website... www The main product is Cloth Diapers, which suitable to wear for a new born baby until 3 years old and above toddlers.. for sure, all mummy wants the best for their love one...This is more cheap and save. Here (website), u may ask for ur order + find more healthy product including HERBALIFE, SALINDAH, NANO WATER, etc........ U may directly visit this website.. No regret, but HAPPY!
C ya....

What should be d best tittle....?

Hiii again in February... i've just update this blog since last January...less time to sad.. miss to share anything thru this blog..what should be the best tittle for this post? well, anyway...I've just changed my blog background and it's pink colour... i don't really like 'em but don't noe where to find more nicer layout actually....lolsss
Today is Saturday and I'm off from working today..feel so great! Happy! Free! As a wife, today I'll do a lot of house-work.. washing, cleaning,....etc, having a breakfast with Herbalife, as well as to my hubby....At least we've full of nutritions for this morning...(^_^)
What should I do next? Boring to think about next week, another week to go working! Sometimes I hate it..driving is tiring for a wife like me (actually that becoz of lazy/ far to go work)... :-( About my job/ my permanent carrier? All depends on God's decision.. Recently, I've apply for the KPLI which due on 21st Feb 2010. And I do hope that I'm qualified for this position since this is my second time.. Amen.
What else to say, so many in head but can't write 'em out.. (^_^) Some thing very P & C, better not to write.. again (^_^)
Alright, need to do some task now..Off now, continue latter... c ya..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 updated...

Hyee there...what's up... not too late to wish all of u Happy new year 2010... Today, 19 days in 2010, so many things happen early this year... my job is still the target @ effort need to double up.. miss everything in 2009 but we r all need to move on.. I need to be more ambitious this year..a lot of thing I need to achieve... to buy a house and become a mummy...:-D Hopefully, God allows me to be........
Anyway, all I need is effort, loyalty, and...?? what's more?? I need to work hard for this hard in everything...forgot the pass failure, forgot the past unsuccessful effort, forgot unnecessary behavior... Learn on how to be the best in job, around family, as a wife, a daughter, sister, friend....etc
2010..a beautiful number or year..let's start with a prayer + effort= Success!
All the best in 2010...:-D