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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Baby girl"....

Hey ya'll....what's up today? Me as usual, doesn't have enough rest at the whole sad..

..well anyway, last holiday 15.02.2011, my hubby & I go to PermaiPolyclinic to do baby scan...again the same doctor was on duty... after the scan, he identified my baby was a girl. Thanks God is his work is right.. Because I didn't really confident of his scanner device, seems like so blur and the doctor doesn't know how to see the baby's gender... Anyway, whatever it is my hubby & I was so much grateful for HIS precious gift HE gifted us..

Nowadays, I can feel the she is moving a lot inside my pity her..almost 7 months 'there', I believe she is a strong person than me, good girl, responsible & always listen to her parents and the most important to her Heavenly Father.. Mummy & daddy love you so much baby.. Be nice there Ok.. Can't wait to wait for u but I must be patient at all until you've come out.

God Blessed.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey ya'll.... What's up!

...all what can I say today is I am so sleepy! I just wanna dream of having myself at home sleeping under a cold aircond with my orange blanket....ha ha ha But it's just the feeling...The real is that I am still here in a boring office... eating Puding, Mandarin lime, chatting, surfing the internet........etc (totally boring right?)

...what to say, I am thinking to a lot of thing nowadays... think to be more serious in whatever I do, behave more matured, another important thing is that behave/ think more positive words/ sentence...especially when talking with closest people in my life..

..sshhh my baby is now moving...I am hoping that she/he will be alright...(^_^) I am out of patience to wait for her/him..God blessed!

See ya... I am seriously too sleepy right now...Zzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minor surgery!

Hey ya'll...

What's up today! I have a great feeling today morning compared to last night..I am referring to my hubby where he got some small accident on hand while separating the meat burger... wheww...he's so some injections on hand and (3 jahitan)! 2 days MC means --- I am hoping that he will be alright and get well so so soon!

...anyway I guess last night we've got a great business..but we have to close too early due to paper burger no stock. So sayang, a lot of customers still stood in front of out stall asking for BURGERS!

But it's ...tonight will be continue......................... hope tonight we'll got same fun as last night...(^_^) Thanks so much God.

Nothing can defeat Faith! Amen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year Rabbit!

Hey ya'll... Good morning in a new month....

Whoa...I just realized we're in a new month in 2011.... 2nd of Feb 2011.... Well, I wish to all my Chinese friends, Happy CNY tomorrow... Wish everyone of u have a good day and luck in this Rabbit year...

......and my pregnancy will be in a 6 month this month... 3 months to go to be deliver... GB me and baby.... I believe that God guide me and give me healthy/ strength to face it all...

.....Another this is that our Burger Stall is about 1 week and 2 days operated..Unexpected job, customers not so bad.. I believe they're all like to eat burger and I wish that our business will not end...if God's will....

Alright, that is all to share right idea and so sleepy!!!!! Zzzzzzz

See ya in the next entry, hopefully will share some interesting story.. Bye for now...