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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy birthday to my beloved hubby

Hey ya'll....

I supposed to post this entry yesterday, but because of so
many things to do, I forgot to post this, since yesterday night we are enjoyed celebrating hubby's birthday at Donggongon, Penampang. We're just took our dinner and then back to Neng's house for cake cutting. Thanks for their surprised.

And today, back to work, I felt so much weak the whole body.. pity my baby, her mummy didn't strong enough. Maybe because of I ate a lot last night. Today, I think I ate more again. Whoa...please no nausea...(^_^)
Alright, To my beloved, Charles Kawat @ Joseph, Happy birthday to you 35th years old. I wish you all many return in life, successful story, and next year be ready to be daddy...(^_^).
For all my dear friends, all the best for ya'll as well ya.. Let God be the First in ur decision.Amen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The 'Age' 2

Hey ya'll..

Today, I didn't go working due to my nausea & gastric become worst...woahhh... It so painful you know...And just for sharing, my pregnancy is now 10 weeks age.. what the baby look like?? (^_^) Hope everything goes fine..

What I hope is that I will be more Okay compared today's morning... No taste to eat, sleep not well as well....Hoping that I will be more strong as usual to face all this situation.. Thanks for my hubby's support..You are my dearest friend ever in life.. and for sure will be a good daddy for my baby...
All I want is strengthness... Whatever it is, Thanks God for this wondeful Gift that You has gave us both.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The 'Age'

Again...... as refer to Dr Sophia, my pregnancy just 6 weeks and 4 days.About more than a month. i need to be more careful even i am so excited! (^_^) be continue..

Thank You For the GIFT God..

Hey ya'll.... what's up...
I just wanna share with you all 'bout my precious moment which I've just knew....Today will be a history for me in my life...I will become Mum soon.... I never expect this because I just climbed the Kinabalu Mountain which will be a tough journey! I believe God heard my Prayer while I Pray at the Low's Peak! Thanks God for every patience that u have gave for me and husband....

This good news will be a surprising for every of my family member....especially hubby....! I will let him know at home (^_^)...Now still at office...

Now, I felt the morning sickness that every women felt.. and I know that it is so pain! Whatever it is THANKS God and let me learn day by day to become more careful, eat an healthy foods, be nice to other... and to YOU My Saviour. I believe in You, u enable me to do/ face all these. Amen.