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Friday, September 7, 2012

New Update!

Hey ya'll...
I didn't know where to start... It was like so long time I didn't post any entry in this my lovely blog.
8 months after resigning form my ex-company, now I am back to a new company! I have to let my daughter stay at home with my in-law. So pity, and I wish I will always besides my cutie. So that I can see everything about her. 

But now.. I am in the office again. Nice office, nice colleagues, nice boss, safety was very dangerous!
A lot of snatching cases was happened around this area.  I wish that our boss will find other good office around Damai or Luyang! OOohh I hope so.

Anyway, now is rest time. I took my lunch alone today. They are all got their all business.Aaarrghhh so malas to think now. Got to go. See ya.

Have a nice day you all..  I am not in a good mood :-(