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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now Open...

Hey ya'll....Good Morning....How do you feel today... Well, now its just morning and its so cloudy..I love it..

Anyway, just to share to you about my hubby new Burger Stall which is just open since last Sunday (1st day) - 23/1/11...It is located around Bundusan, near Amenah Restaurant... So far so good... Finally his wishes come true..(^_^) I am happy for him, even this is only a part time.. Well, if you guys got time to/ pass by the restaurant..feel free to come and enjoy our delicious burger... Its now open everyday (hopefully).

Well, good luck to my hubby with his new stall... Gbu all the time...

"Taste, then you knew it"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Almost End

Hey ya'll...what's up??

We're 22 days in the month of January....So, how life goes on??? Is everything alright or...? Well, well...Me? As usual, going to be more hardworking in doing my job...Ha ha ha... Even it is so boring while I am in the office.............Yehewwwww

...and absolutely, January almost end...and my pregnancy will be 6 month in February... I am so gald my baby is growing and growing.... About gender, don;t know yet....Hope we (Me & Hubby) got 1 day to go scan...(^_^)

Well, another thing to share is my hubby is opening his Burger Stall soon...! That's great hubby, and I believe this is what he dream since young age... Hope all the expertise in cooking burger will be expanded and good luck for this small business.

God will never let us alone in making decision and eeveything we're encounter.. God Blessed!

See ya in the next entry. Bye for now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

!st day working in 2011!

Hye ya'll...

I felt so much good today 1st day working in new year... Office condition was so much better and confortable compare to last year... I like... But I feel so tired as well due to sitting at the whole day long + driving... Today's jamn was a lot.. (Sabar saja la) 'coz I know that I have to face it up everyday starting today... what to do..(^_^)

...and tomorrow I have 2nd appointment at Clinic...therefore, I should wake up early as well...

Alright, hope that everyone of you have a beautiful experience working today...

See ya...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 EveryOne..

Hye ya'll..... today is the beginning of a new chapter in another year.. 2011... I guess everyone of us are so happy in celebrating this new year.... exactly! For me, I am so happy with my beloved one..of course my hubby.... Wish all my beloved family had an enjoyed moments as well, even we're celebrating far from each other... (^_^)

I believe everyone of us have a lot of commitment for this year...Perhaps, the balance from last year will be brought to this year.. ( a bit right).. And me, starting 1.1.11 (nice number), a lot of thing already playing on my head. For sure! I will becoming a mummy this year... (^_^) but, 1st of all, I need a stable job after that. Hope God will it.

Another thing is, my commitment for my current job is that I want to ensure that I will be doing a great job, means doing lesser mistake and improve job quality.. (Courage, independent, smart, give & take...etc)

For my small family, I am hoping that I will be a more responsible wife...mother to be...for my hubby and future daughter/ son.
For the whole family, become more responsiblle daughter of my mum & sister to all my siblings & in-law, and good aunt for all newphews & nieces. Amen.

Hey....let's increase our faith as well..! An effort to come to church every week is another commitment. Let's give more to God.. Seek Him first. Amen.

I wish my baby will be growing in healthy condition, complete & smart. Amen.

Alright, I wishh ALL THE BEST to everyOne of us for this 2011! Let's begin with a prayer that God will always guide us along this year eventhough we're in good OR bad. Amen.

See ya.