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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey ya'll.. It's a very long time I didn't post any entry to my dear blog. was actually my bad day! My Facebook Profile for QueenLy Closet was hacked/blocked!!?? I don't know which 1?? Surely don't know... I'm so sad, worry, I cannot retrieve all messages & comments from it..Arrgggh.. Who can help me to convert into Personal Account????????

Well..its better to talk other matter.....
Now My Queenly already 1 Year and 1 Mth.. She seems know how to express her feeling, angry, refuse....etc eat a lot I guess.. nice sleep after suffer from 1 week fever, flu & diarrhea because of tooth growing.. So pity her. But I'm happy she is now growing so fast. Even she's a bit small than other child same age with her. 7.8kg weight on the age of 1Y. 

Anyway, I wish to talk much here.. but time so valuable! I have to finish all my work, prepare this and that..but actually I am not in a happy mood because of what I mentioned above. I hope, I can visit again my dear blog. Telling anything I like. Till then.