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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hates my feeling..!

Hye everyone.. today, as usual I'm going to work..(alone in d office).. Im just wondering my feeling since last saturday.. I realize everything happend! wow...just go to the root topic...BUT I can't say it with words.. All I can say is just I am dissapointed, sad, feeling unfortunate.........a lot of feeling I can feel now....what to say huh??
Well yaa I hate these feeling..but why should I think deep of these small matter?? Now, I hate people surround I too stupid? Who will I share all these thing? Nobody..Just me and my blog... My heart cryingggg when I faced all things happen.. yaa I felt it since past few days...
God, plsss forgive me (my feeling, my mind)... I can't say to anybody except YOU.. Help me to train my maturity to face all things..(past, now, later) for the whole of my life..ONLY YOU can calm me..... Hopefully, everything will changed after this..(my feeling)..I can't stop it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrating Christmas...

Christmas comes again in 2009! I wish ya'll Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2010... 2009 goes so fast and so many precious moment happen this year...I thanking God for all these...
For those celebrating Christmas, I hope that ya'll appreciate this meaningful day. Not only meeting family and friends but to ensure that we're fully understanding the meaning of Christmas...
This is the fourth time we celebrate Christmas without our 'Ayah"' sad! But I must to accept this..huh :-( I know he is now in 'a more better place now'..
I will on leave starting on 23rd Dec until next yeae and for sure will 'balik kampung tercinta'...:-D and Im happy to celebrating this coming Christmas with my hubby and new family (1st year).. Hope that God will give us long life so that we can celebrate more Christmas..Thank God.
Before I end my writing, what shoud be the ideal Christmas huh?

December 2009's mood..

Hyee, as usual Im in the office...doing my work with un usual mood and feeling... Im worry something happen..why my feeling like this? OMG..pls....what should I do? so many thing in my mind now? In short word..Im confused! huh.. Today, im so depressed..tension...what elso to say? That's it.
Im re-think 'bout my current carrer/job..should I continue with this company or seek to others? Hopefully, God will make my way with this situation.. I hope I can get sometyhing for next year...nah my writing pun bingung! So many thing to type but Im stuck!
Give me time....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 Foods That Fight Fat...

I've just read this article from

This is just a knowledge for us and some reminder for me..these fruits/ but seems good to eat..:D

Want to lose weight as you chow down? Your wish is granted! (I promise, this is no fairy tale.) Your supermarket is filled with foods that studies show have lipid-melting powers to help melt fat and keep you slim. Stock up on these fat-fighting super bites, and you'll be trimmer even as you indulge. Read on to discover the eight foods that deserve a permanent spot in your fridge—and in your diet!

Almonds These yummy nuts are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which can accelerate your metabolism of fats. In fact, dieters who ate 3 ounces of almonds daily slashed their weight and body-mass index by 18 percent, while those who skipped the nuts reduced both numbers less— just 11 percent—a study in the International Journal of Obesity revealed. Chomp almonds à la carte (limit yourself to 12 per serving to keep calories in check). I get a pack at Starbucks and nibble throughout my day. Or sprinkle them into a recipe such as Black Bean–Almond Pesto Chicken. Go nuts!

Berries I tell my daughter, "These are nature's candy!" Turns out they're also your body's best friends. Strawberries, raspberries and other vitamin C–spiked fruit can supercharge your workout, helping you burn up to 30 percent more fat, research from Arizona State University at Mesa has found. If they're not in season, buy the little gems frozen in a bulk-sized bag so you'll always have them on hand to whip up a Berry Bliss Smoothie or Strawberry-Sunflower Pops, regardless of whether berries are in season.

Cinnamon Adding 1/4 teaspoon to your plate may prevent an insulin spike—an uptick that tells your body to store fat. Sprinkle it on your morning cereal or coffee or on your yogurt in the A.M., or savor it in Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal.

Mustard It's heaven on a soft pretzel, but mustard may also be a weight loss wonder. Turmeric, the spice that gives mustard its color, may slow the growth of fat tissues, a study in the journal Endocrinology finds. Use it on sandwiches instead of mayo, or sprinkle turmeric on cauliflower pre-roasting to give it a kick. Try it on tuna salad—I promise it adds zest.

Oranges This citrus fruit, which contains fat-blasting compounds known as flavones, deserves to be your main squeeze. Women who ate the most flavones had a much lower increase in body fat over a 14-year period, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes. Eat oranges sliced or swig fresh OJ (including pulp!) to get the best benefit from the fruit.

Soybeans Reason to toss a half cup on your salad? Soybeans are rich in choline, a compound that blocks the absorption of fat and breaks down fatty deposits. Oh, and they're addictively delish! But if breast cancer runs in your family, experts suggest you should talk to your doc before adding soy to your diet.

Sweet potatoes The colorful spuds' high-fiber content means they keep your insulin steadier than their white sisters, which means less fat packed on your hips, research finds. Top a small baked tater with lowfat cottage cheese for a tempting side dish, or whip up Miso Soup With Sweet Potato Dumplings.

Swiss cheese Calcium-rich foods reduce fat-producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown, and Swiss has more calcium than many of its cheesy peers. Choose the reduced-fat variety, such as Sargento. Slip it into your sandwich, put it on top of high-fiber crackers or use it for a healthier grilled cheese. Yum!

For other tricks to eating your way to your healthy, happy weight, load up on these 20 slimming superfoods at

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Good morning.....

So sad today im sick..cant go working...:-(

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September comes again!

Hyee....Good morning....I am posting some blog today even I am really tired! wah How can i say my life totally change after my marriage......^_^ I knew this is only a starting for me and hubby to live with together...

Today is the 2nd time I'm off on Saturday...I love it...ha ha everyday working makes me damn tired...the whole body was too weak...driving far..doing lots of tasks..think for future..It seems makes me old! I miss my life when I was a everyday, meeting my fellow friends, families, my love one...hah can't imagine how I miss those time...but now my time very limited to do all things I love.. but it's ok...I believe this is my life that God gave to me...

September comes again..and there will be 3 months remaining to end this 2009..! Time so fast..isn't?? Get ready to plan everything for next year 2010...:D whatever.. buy a new car, buy a house, get Hopefully everything will gonna fine as I wish..........

What else to say...? Miss all my family...especially my late father....G.B.Us!

Till we meet again in another posts! C ya..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This week summary..

Hiii Hiii....weekend comes usual this week was my busy and tired for me...yess that is all I can say as a wife....we cannot run from busy day, tired day, every day's matters... But I am grateful coz HE gave me strength, bold...etc for whole this week... even I've been thinking of something for a past few days but thanks God it settled..Thanks God they could understand me...^_^

Mmmm what else?? my hubby got MC for 2 days last Thursday n Friday..hopefully he will be fine..and and now my back bone is too pain..! I dont know why? Perhaps, I really need a long break...awwww its so nice if I can sleep whenever I want to...LOL

Ok la...tomorrow is Sunday and need to prepare myself to church...ensure to have an enough rest... GB me.. till we meet again my dearest blog..^_^

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Phewww..I just finished updating my blog...change the header and picture! well, its fun....^_^ be idea!

HAPPY SUNDAY.., hubby and I just stay at home...wake up late this morning...whooopss so, don't know what to do this whole day...we just spend time to check e-mails, play games on Facebook...hemmmmm no things to do kahhh?? hehehe

Well, tomorrow will start another weeks and of course will have a long rests at home today...^_^

Ok la..till we meet again...if hv time will post another interesting entry..tadaaaaaaaa

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good morning...

Hi Morning all...

Now I am listening to click to d link suggest by Clarice..:D I woke up early this morning...send my hubby to work...^_^n today I will meet my mum..miss her very much...hopefully, today will make her happy..and hopefully today I have new strength to drive he he...

Ok la...not so much I can say now...wish u have a nice day all day long!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Some of our wedding bridal pictures..

These are some pictures taken from Yes I do bridal...Its simple but I like them..this will become our memory as husband and wife...^_^

Kadazandusun costume..

Love u till d end of time..God bless!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New job....

Hey all...
Next week will be my 1st day going to work..what should be in my mind?? Fear? Happy? Yes m happy coz I will be busy..(should I?) ehe no la.... I just want to prepare my mind n my heart for all kind of situation I will confront..:D

I will post another entry nex week...see how my job are? curiously.... c'ya!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Holaa.... It seems so long I didn't post any entry hoo...

1st of all..THANKS GOD for HIS mercy and kindness for me..woww I believe HE really guide me..Well..Im married now..New status,new place,new mind,new life....everything..!I've oready think and ready for everything to become a new person..(wife) B4 that, my thanks to all my family member,closest family, cousins, big2 family(my side n husband side), friends,PMM,...and whoever take parts during our wedding ceremony..Ur helpful hands and ideas will I put in my prayer n mind.

As a wife, its totally different..and yes I admit it is very different for me...I can see the responsiblity and life would be change from now on..:D Im happy for this..and now will be work hard to anything chances that given for me...Thanks God,after married I got a new job as a maintenance assistant..I promise to work hard and put all my responsiblity, enthusiasm, creativity,........etc... TQ TQ TQ Next week will be my 1 day working and for sure, HE will be my guide in anything I do and let HIM conquer my heart and mind! AMEN.:D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Counting the days!!

Woww...time so fast..! May will be going to end...:D guess what?? My wedding day will be held in next week...!! Next week??! Im still in a dream...yaaaayyyy..I'll become a wife soon...Thanks God! Perhaps, some other things have not yet settle..

Other week..I will fly to sad cannot help my family during that couple of period...! i will look forward what will happen for me and my future husband...I believe that we can face all things together...:D GOD BLESSED US now until forever...Amen.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Announcement!!

Hii there again...
This is a reminder to all my friend n myself as well 'bout our "big day"....

17th May 2009: 1st announcement

24th May 2009 : 2nd announcement

31st May 2009: last ammnouncement b4 wedding day...

Pls pray for us...God Blessed me and mu future husband..Amen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The time will come...


Again..I am counting the days of my 'big day'..huh absolutely the feeling is so much different...everything!! Wheewww...fear..beating heart..happy...sad...what else?? all I can feel it now...

Last week was our 1st time announcement in Church and there will be two remaining announcement!! I am thinking of all my preparation??? is everything OKAY now?? I dont think about all the invitation cards? Not yet distributed...I lost my memory to whom I will this the sign of beating heart?? My lists has been checked and surely there are so many things not yet been done... God pls help me...!

Hopefully, everything will be settled before next week becos' I am going to KL to attend my convocation on 1st June...wheww....

Still blur......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is the best expression for this?

Hello...Im very tired since last week...I think I couldn't hold all of these management....waawww yeah I knew the feeling now..It's not easy to do many things have to be done in these coming weeks... and the worst thing will I do is 5 days before wedding, I will be fly to KL for my convocation day...I hope God will always be by my every steps I go, whatever I do, whatever decision I've made....Thanks God for all of the strength U've gave me...

Lastly, hopefully everything goes fine before, at the time, until the wedding is end! Amen.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Good morning to everyone...

I've been thinking for last few days about thing happen around me lately... whatever happen I need to face 'em up..everything....I've been thinking for what happen to me for next month...separate from my big family...does'nt meant negative but so sad to think if of.. :-( Im hoping everything will be the happy ending story...lolzz that so extraordinary to me...God pls help me...

In addition to this matter, some other things come into my mind...huhhh this will be so irritating to me..I am regret of it..! I have to fight for it..meaning to say I have to write a letter and the evidence should be insert along......(very long sigh)

My father come accross my mind now...really really missed him so heart crying but I can't show it..(how to experss?) My "day" come around the corner and he still in my mind...(forgive me Heavenly Father) Im really hope that I dont wanna cry in my big day!

I believe...HE is only my way to go out of these matters..I promise to my very best to be loyal daughter of HIM.... till we meet again..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My big day time changes..

Well very very forgot to announce regarding our wedding day...previous announcement (also in my blog), I mention as below:

Time : 2pm (Church)
6pm(wedding reception at bride's house)

However, the time have to replace...mksdnya time wedding suda change....Ingat tau, masa nya jadi mcm yg d bawah ni:

Time: 10.30 am (church)
5pm (wedding reception at bride's house)

Overall..that's all yg ada perubahan...reminder to all my friends ya!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remaining 1 month...


Wahhh today genap tingal sebulan ja lg utk ke my wedding...huh...mmg byk lg yg blm settle...if I make all d lists..mmg byk la...God Pls help me...hopefully everthing will be OKAY...and smua must be settle b4 my big day...

My feeling? a lot! Happy, sedih, fear......etc Happy cozx lama lg Im not single status...lolz...(must be happy meh?) sad coz my "ayah" xda masa wedding...mmg pun...:-( Fear kalo2 something happen...(ntah la~im not going to think la)

Wish me luck...God blessed me now n then...^_^

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to do your hair on your wedding day is a big question for many brides.

wHiii there...

Thanks to lexvia...who sent me this tips...^_^

Here are the Top 10 Tips for Great Wedding Hair. Enjoy!

1) Remember this will be photographed - as you’re experimenting with hairstyles, don’t just look in the mirror. Take some polaroids or shots with the digital camera and see how it looks.

2) Your hair projects an image - make sure it’s an image of YOU. Sure, you wanna be fancy on your wedding day - but a fancy version of YOU, not someone else!

3) Include accessories, if you can - they are beautiful and easy to implement!

4) If you are going to be doing your own hair, make sure it’s a style you can manage on your own.
5) Practice makes perfect - implement some practice runs before the big day.

6) Make sure the style of your hair matches the style of your gown. You want the number one thing people are thinking as you walk down the aisle to be “She looks gorgeous!” not “Huh?”

7) Make sure that the style is flattering for your face shape. Don’t just trust your own judgement. Ask some people you trust.

8 ) Remember that this style is going to have to last for 7 to 10 hours - make sure it’s durable.

9) Within reason, don’t be afraid to get creative! Let your hair express your style.

10) If you have the budget - pay to get it done. You are going to have enough to worry about on your wedding day without worrying about making your hair gorgeous. Let a professional handle it!

Hopefully, I will do my best for my big big day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hello to u'll..

The Herbalife products has been increased since 22nd of April 2009... these are they new price...

HERBALIFE-Maintain Set
START NOW PACK - Tea Mix 50g
Retail Price: RM 401.87 Member: RM 310.12

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (550g)

Herbalife Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder

Herbalife Herbal Concentrate (1.8 oz) {Love this}

Please call me for further info..Thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My free time...

Hii there to all my viewer.....its a long time I did not post any entry since early of month....

Memang daily life ni as usual la..mau write everyday pun xda pa2 mau d kasi crita...hehe...anyway.. this is my latest pictures with my friend Lynnetha Vivien Ang @ Gigie Aling...wahh full name gtu...baru la kan...:-P together wit my day with my fiance..^_^ tp muka my fiancee xda pula kan....alahaiiii....*_*

My best friend...dia ni suka tlg org, lemah lembut.paling penting she's clever...^_^

Kasian jg pic kmi ni..blur...aha...xpa la yg penting npk ba kan...wahhh time ni penat jg la..dr KK then p 1B lg..mghabiskan masa yg mmg patut d buang....haha


Dia ni mmg laughing girl...hahaha jan marah aaa sayang...*_*

My latest pics..everyday at home so jarang la ambil gmbr...ehe tp d ruma pun msti expose jg to any current issues tau...chewahhh

well well well....kengkwn suma...thanks for visiting me...n hope u guys will keep in touch...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Think about my 'day' preparation

Hiii there..once again..I am to post a new entry today..and keep thinking about my 'day' many things I haven't settle..and and I've no idea ooo....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The World No.1 weight Loss company....

Hiii again..

Today I 've attend Herbalife Training Seminar in Le Meridian KK.. well.what can I say..? It was great..*_* everyone give positive feedback after take the product and in short..They satisfied!! It cannot be denied..if u already knew about it.jom try! ha ha it really good for our healthy...even in a month u can see the different.. Anyway,some pictures I've take.

Satisfied customer...forget his name...he is a doctor.. will edit soon...*_*
With Ms. Yap Mui Kim in Nutrition Club Kepayan..She is Herbalife GET Team..
Will edit and post more about Herbalife...*_*
C ya soon..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to new baby born..!

Thanks God for my sister's new baby born on 31st March 2009, 4.55pm.. everything I can see inside the labor was very painful...huh I can't imagine..kalo sy??
Its baby boy again.. That's why la jg I can't post any entry lately... the baby is so cute!! His name is ALDRICH.. I wish GOD will give him excellent healthy and let him grow in a good condition.. AMen..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

End of March..

Wow...time so u'll realize it.. I didn't post any entry since last Monday...why aa? So many things happen into my life lately...I hope everything will be alright..
Today, as usual..I just stay at home..and boring will start again..ha ha never mind la..
Ok..till then...for all of u who passing through my blog..have a nice day and all the best to you'll... c ya..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My activity of the week...^_^

Yo yo...wat's up? Anyway...1st of all...Happy sunday!
I took some blur pictures yesterday during our BBQ nite at home in KK...^_^ this is only for 'suka-suka'..but should to remember the moment..Some dishes are curry popia, "jagung bakar", chicken BBQ & some vege..check it out...

It's time to enjoy the dinner..yummy ^_^ pray b4 eat... someone missing...? Where's Alden the clever boy? huhu nvr mind la.. peace to everyone..


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Healthy Cooking Recipes

1. Boo's Kiwi and Mango Salad


2 kiwis, peeled and chopped
2 small mangos - peeled, seeded, and diced
1 large red bell pepper, chopped
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup sweet corn
1/4 cup French dressing


Stir together the kiwi, mango, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and sweet corn in a bowl. Pour the dressing over the salad and stir to coat; serve immediately.

2. Mango Walnut Salad


3 small mangoes, peeled and cubed
6 red lettuce leaves, rinsed, dried, and torn
1/2 cup walnut pieces
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1/2 red bell pepper, seeded and thinly sliced
1/2 green bell pepper, seeded and thinly sliced
1 carrot, peeled and sliced


In a large bowl, gently toss together the mangoes, lettuce, walnuts, cranberries, red and green peppers, and carrot. Serve immediately.

3. Edamame Veggie Burger


1/4 cup millet
1/2 cup cold water
2 1/4 teaspoons kosher salt, plus more as needed
1 medium carrot
1 large red radish
2 tablespoons finely grated, peeled, fresh ginger
1/2 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
2 tablespoons mirin (See Cook's Note.)
1/8 teaspoon Asian chili paste, such as Sri Racha sauce
1 pound frozen blanched, peeled edamame (soybeans), thawed
1 1/2 cups panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs)
2 large egg whites, beaten
Vegetable oil, for brushing


Heat the millet in a small dry saucepan, with a tight-fitting lid, over medium-high heat, cook, shaking occasionally, until the millet begins to "pop". Continue toasting the millet until the popping subsides, about 2 minutes, until it smells like freshly popped popcorn. Set aside to cool slightly.

Add the water and the 1/4 teaspoon of the salt to the saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Wrap the pan's lid tightly with a small kitchen towel and cover the saucepan. (Make sure the towel's edges are folded up well away from the heat.) Lower the heat to low and simmer covered, for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat (don't uncover) and set aside for 10 minutes. Fluff the millet with a fork and transfer to a large bowl.

Using a box grater, grate the carrot and radish into the bowl of millet. Add the ginger, garlic, lime juice, mirin, and chili paste and stir to combine.

Meanwhile, bring a medium pot of water to a boil and salt it generously. Add the edamame, cover, and return to a boil; cook until soft, about 5 minutes. Drain and immediately add to the bowl of millet mixture (to lightly warm the vegetables). Stir to combine and set aside to cool.

When cool, season the edamame mixture with the remaining 2 teaspoons salt. Transfer to a food processor and puree into a paste. Return the edamame to the bowl and stir in the panko and egg whites until incorporated.

Using your hands, form the edamame mixture into 8 patties about 3 inches in diameter. Place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and refrigerate until set.

Place a rack about 4 inches from the broiler element and preheat. Place the patties on a foil-lined baking sheet or broiler pan. Brush both sides of the patties lightly with oil and sprinkle with salt. Broil until the tops are lightly browned, about 3 minutes. Remove from the oven and flip the patties with a spatula. Broil until lightly browned and hot, about 3 minutes more. Serve on grilled naan bread with sprouts, pickled ginger, and wasabi. (The burgers can also be grilled or Sauteed.)

Serving suggestions: Alfalfa sprouts, pickled ginger, wasabi paste, and grilled naan-style bread

Will meet you'll in another posts ya..:=)

Have a great weekend...!!

Heyy.. it seems like I didn't post any entry for 2 days...ha ha well, weekend comes again...what can I do for this usual....stay at home..huhu Besides, it will raining outside + thunderstorm..
I am getting bored actually..but today i have to give some short brief to our new nanny...:-) She is a local people and Im hoping that everything will be ok..
Anyway... what should I do today...? Ok then..will find some tips today to share with you'll..
Wait n see...Peaceee...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She is a sister & more than a friend

Hii...I guess this may be my last post for today..Im going iritate of blog background..u know what it is..huh don't know how to edit it.. someone please let me know..ok :-)

As regard to my title..I love to talk about her...that's my sister..:-) She is 2 years younger than me..My father gave her namd Renna.we grow up in the same generation.. but her skin is more fairer than me..ha ha why aa? some of our friend does not believe she is my sister... LOL
Maybe I'm too expose to the sun since young...LOL After all I realize that she is more than a friend.. Well, being in one family, I treated her as my sister... however, we cannot escape of being anger n sometimes have a different piece of mind / misunderstanding.. I guess it will happen in siblings right? Ha ha

After I left my secondary school, I did not directly further my studies in university.."menganggur" for 2 years I guess..huh feel regret of it!! last I enter in local University and do my pre-Diploma & Diploma in Business Studies for 4 years..not longer than sister also enter the same University which we think the best for us to gain more knowledge, experience, and being matured.. During in U, there are a lot of things happen..and we face them together..SO MANY!! I can't remember them all..but things that I cannot forgot is our "AYAH" pass awasy because of serious disease..OMG!! I can't accept it! I still remember the time our aunt call us and told "our Ayah pass away"... perhaps, some people do not understand the deep feeling of this.. but if u still have a father and please love them and care them so much! Don't forget to pray.. well, stop talking about the sadness..! Huhh..

Anyway, part 6 in Diploma will be the big thing happen in our life... My sister do always gave me words that make me strong.. and I think.." Do I strong enough?" Maybe for now Yes.. Thanks God HE gave me sister like her.. she always enthusias me whenever I regret, sad, happy, irritate of my surroundings, my studies, family matter, etc....I can easily share everything with her, talk about something make sense and non-sense..LOL she hear all what Im saying.. For sometimes maybe she bored and can't solve my problem. But it's wonderful to have a sister like her. For now, she still doing Bachelor and hopefully will graduate ontime with a good results. Hope she here...:-)

Another thing about her is that she is beautiful, creative, caring, good friend, loyal, good girl...what else..? ha ha everything la.. she teach me about anything that I lack in. I absolutely depend on her ideas in some areas now and then...ha ha but hopefully, I will learn a lot of things so that I can make something creative and different from other... "apa la tu kunun?'

The thing which make me happy is that Im going to receive my Bachelor and so do her.. a lots lots lots thing have been spend, done, invest...and Thanks God HE willing all these..

lastly, I miss her very much..can't wait to meet her in May..I can't stop talking about her pula...

later I continue..

Hopefully, all of u may also appreciate your sister, brother, and the whole family because they are the biggest gifts God gave us..

Thank u for spending time in my blog..MGBU..

Concon sogigisom..Peacee..

Good Morning Malaysia..`_`

Hii hii..Good morning to everyone..
Today, Im not going usual..:-) doing housework and watching my nephew..he's in school holiday for this week. Absolutely he is very happy at home becos his grandma & grandpa from Sarawak come to visit them here.. And they will be here guite long, at the same time waiting for a new baby.. Can't wait to wait my sister deliver a new baby..MUST be soooo cute n clever..:-) Ha ha... I can't imagine how hard being pregnant!!
Well today I try to share something interesting..hopefully..perhaps a tips, news, pictures, etc..
Just wait ok..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All about "it"...

Well..well.. I spent a lot of time in my blog today I guess..ha ha i think it is becos the wedding announcement and I love to share everything... ha ha not everything la..whatever necessary..

Woahh...I will stress on my My perfect planner tools for my wedding..

1. My checklist
2. My guest list
3. My budget
4. My Calendar
5. Wedding websites
6. My Favourites etc...

I'm hoping that my wedding will be held based on what I plan before..


~Wedding date: 6th June 2009
-Solemnize at SIB Church Ranau town -- 2pm
-Wedding reception at Marakau Nosurong Village, Ranau about 4KM from Ranau town -- 6pm

~Bride: Ms Conny
~Groom:Mr Charles

~My best bridesmaid: 1. Sis Renna@Daddie
2. Sis
~His Groomsmen : Not confirm yet

~My bridesmaid : My niece, Elya@Ayie, Cuz Lydia@Gidit, Cuz Beatrice@Didy, Cuz Elienora@kulai n Cuz Ellynda@Linda
~Other Groomsmen : Nephwew Oboy, Nephew Indylowie, Cyrill @ Aril, Cuz Walter@Ondok n Bob@Amai..

~My Flowergirls : Dayen, Amber n Owen

~Ring bearers : Nephew Alden

~Pageboys : Nephew Evander n Nephew Ethan

~My wedding backdrop will be done by Cuz Jerome..

~My wedding church decoration n wedding dais will be my own ideas.

"-" What else? The other than these will be mention later.. Thank you a million for the cooperation.

God Says, "I can make something impossible become possible".

God bless u all.

My "Day" Preparation...

I actually don't know what to start.. hope everything will gonna be OKAY..

I have so many things to do in my wedding checklist n some are done... I feel that sometimes its become complicated becos i have to do it by myself.. in addition, I am not creative but i will try my very best to make it perfect..I've also had spent a lot of time to make a survey, searching ideas through internet, magazines, people's mind...ets..thanks to them.. PRAY+EFFORT=PERFECTION

Some of websites or people which I can refer to:

I can't remember all the web...ha ha

For the "bakal2 mau" get married tu...u may view these web/ blog...:-)

Bye for now.


My Wedding Announcement...

Hyee to all of u...

This is an announcement about my wedding day exclusive via my blog...:-) To all my friends n who knows me, my wedding will be on 6th of June 2009, 2pm at SIB Church Ranau town.. That will be my happiest day if u can attend & share my joy.

Thanks God for HIS kindness n loyalty in guiding us from our start couple in 6th Sept 2001 'till now...almost 8 years n hoping that this marriage will never last forever..

To all my friends, please arrange ur offday so that u may attend my wedding...ha ha Thanks!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Need a job...

Hiii all..

Its been so long I didn't write anything in my lazy n suppose to be would like to delete it but think think think..this is the only way I can "Lepas Geram" or anything I wish to wite...ha ha ha Yess..I really need a job la..since I finished my studies..and starting this year I had apply some vacancy & attend interview..well..maybe "blm ada rezeki la".. However, I BELIEVE..HE already prepare for me a way of success..

I never show fade-up with my routine & maybe it only instil in deep of my heart..Somehow..need be grateful of what i am now.. HOPEFULLY...I will get a job soon...:-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What to Expect in a Facial


Facials are not too uncommon and can really help the skin on your face and your complexion. However, many of you may not have experienced a facial before, so here is some idea of what to expect.

Facials are great tools for relaxation and allow you to take a few moments just for you. In your crazy, on-the-run, 24/7 life, sometimes some "you" time is needed, and what better way to spend time on yourself than to sit back and let someone pamper your face? If you are preparing to, or even just want to go get a facial, you may not know exactly what to expect. If you're unsure about facials, here are a few things to know about what to expect so your facial experience will be a good one!

Facials essentially just take away the dead and old skin cells on your face. Facials also include the massaging of the facial muscles for greater relaxation and the tightening of the skin to achieve a younger, healthier look. Things included in a facial are steam, exfoliation, extraction, masks, peels, massages, lotions, and creams. Some facials can actually be quite involved and can be expensive; however, regardless of the type of facial you get or how much you spend, your facial experience will more than likely be a good one.

When you sign up for your facial, make sure you know what type you're getting. As mentioned above, different facials have different components. You should know what you're signing up for and what your specific facial will entail. If you don't know what a certain treatment of the facial is or involves, you should always feel free to ask questions; it's your face and your money, so you should know exactly what's going to be going on.

Once you've scheduled your facial, just go prepared to relax. Before the facial actually begins, ask any last minute questions if you're still a little nervous, and then just sit back and allow yourself to be pampered. Relax and let your mind wander—let yourself doze even! (However, you don't want to completely fall asleep; otherwise you might makes things with the facial a little difficult, if not awkward!) Facials are for relaxation—let yourself relax!

Which Type of Jeans Look Best on You?

The best jeans have a perfect fit that flatters your specific body type. Once you've determined the best cut of jean, consider the rise, wash, composition, and embellishments. Always choose jeans that fit the widest part of your body, allowing the rest of the material to flow away, creating a sense of proportion.

Depending on the cut and material composition, jeans can either make you look stylish, classy, and put together, or frumpy, dated, and sloppy. As with any article of clothing, the key to looking good in a pair of jeans is the fit. Your body type determines the cut of the jean you should wear. Which body type are you? Here are a few guidelines to help you decide:
Pear. The shape of a pear is smaller on top, and larger on the bottom. If you have large hips and a smaller upper body, then you are a pear shape.

Round. Think of a ball. If your waistline is not well defined, yet your hips and shoulders are narrow, then you are a round shape.

Apple. An apple is broader at the top and tapers at the bottom, like an upside-down triangle. If you have broad shoulders, a large chest, and slim hips, then you are an apple shape.

Athletic. Small-framed, with little or no curves, the athletic body usually has very little body fat, resulting in a straight shape.

Hourglass. If you have an hourglass shape, then you probably know it, since most clothes are already tailored to fit you. With hourglass shapes, the breasts are proportioned to the hips, and the waist is very well defined, making for curves in all the right places.

Now that you have determined your body type, let's talk about the different cuts of jeans, and which ones will look best on your body type:

Classic straight leg. Cut for room in the knee and thigh, the legs are cut straight down, with no tapering. This fit looks good on the following body shapes: athletic, pear, and hourglass.

Boot cut. This fit is tight at the waist, all the way to the knee, where it flares to accommodate a boot. This fit is good for hourglass, athletic, and pear shapes.

Flared. With a wide leg, and a close fit at the waist, this cut is great for round, pear, and apple shapes since it fits the widest part of the body, and then flows away from the body to give a sense of proportion.

Skinny. This fit is tight all over, hugging against the skin from waist to ankle. The tapered effect creates a good look for athletic and pear shapes, but isn't a good look for the other shapes.

If you're not sure if a jean is tapered, fold the hem up to the knee. If the hem is narrower than the knee, then it is a tapered jean. After you get a good fit, consider other elements of the jeans such as composition, rise, wash, and embellishments. For a more tailored appearance, choose a trouser jean made of denim and spandex, with a darker wash. The rise of a jean is the space from the crotch to the waist. If you have a round shape, choose a higher rise, but not so high that it sits above the waist. Your natural waist sits at the navel. If you are a pear shape, choose jeans without back pocket flaps, as embellishments in that area will simply add bulk.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hyee again...
Just to tell you'll let's keep in touch..

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My Day!!

Heyy all...

Time was so fast without we realize them..ha ha today is the 6th day of you'll feel? We have the inside feeling of that right? Busy with our day, work, studies, problems...etc we should be careful and have an analytical thinking in oder to solve our matter.. well,well,well...for me the day goes the same..ha ha currently not working..not study... just to think about my future job and absolutely think of any coming days..
For all my fellow friends, do not waste time and keep work for life.. To live is once in a lifetime!

My day during Christmas 2008!

The Girls in My Family...

The Sovereign DanCers!!

Princess of King!

Opsss Concon looks little bit chubby...ha ha

These day i will not forgot! God Bless me and all of you!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy NeW YearR 2009!!

Wishing all my family, friends and my love one happy new year!!! Appreciate our new starts..Work for it an surely u will get everything u wish.Confidently depends on Him!