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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your 2-month-old: Week 2

How your baby's growing:

If your baby is sleeping through the night (five or six hours at a stretch), you're one of the lucky few. Most 10-week-old babies still wake up in the wee hours. But even babies who aren't sleeping through the night at this stage should be sleeping and staying awake for longer intervals rather than cycling back and forth so much. Your baby will probably have two to four long sleep periods and as many as ten hours of awake time in 24 hours.

An interesting note: Whether your baby is a night owl or a morning lark, a long sleeper or short sleeper, that pattern will probably stay the same throughout childhood.

I hope that my baby have a good routine in her sleeping time. GB her.

Your 2-month-old: Week 1

How your baby's growing:

Your baby can tell the difference between familiar voices and other sounds, and he's becoming a better listener. He can also show you that he's in tune with his environment.Notice how he looks to see where certain noises are coming from.

An ongoing conversation (although seemingly one-sided) can help your baby develop his sense of place. He may even watch your mouth as you talk, fascinated by how it all works. You'll be amazed by his ability to communicate with a growing repertory of coos (musical, vowel-like sounds), smiles, and unique cries to express his different needs.

My baby are trying to communicate to me...(^_^)

I supposed to post this entry last week, but it's ok.. I just share this from since I can't wait my baby with other development. GB her..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My QueenLy

Good Morning my friends...

I am feeling bad since this morning.. I keep thinking of my little baby. Where should I put her by next week?? My mom? I am feel guilty whenever asking for her help... Let it stay in my deep of my heart. But NOW, sure..I am so much depressed to think of this. Maybe I better stop from my job, I think. Huh! Keep her at nursery? Find a nanny? Where? How? When to find? God, I knew YOU already have YOUR own solution for me and hubby to settle this matter...

So pity my Queenly.. Please don't cry baby. Mummy and daddy are trying to do and give the best for you. I believe you can be more independent even though you are TOO SMALL to be independent. You are my precious, my love, my clever girl, etc. All the good things belong to you. Amen. God bless you so much more! HE is always watching over you whatever you do, wherever you go....

From the moment your life begun, mummy and daddy love you so much and God created you so beautiful as HIS sight. Amen.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back To Work!

Hey ya'll..... I supposed to post this entry yesterday since I am back to work for 1st time after maternity leave yesterday... hmmm so sad to leave baby Clovey actually.. I missed her so much! Pity her mummy leave her for work.. Baby, mummy hope u are ok with mama & aunty at home ok. God always watching over u all the time my love..

At office.. I don't know so much what to do actually since my mind still at home with baby, but I am trying to settle all previous pending tasks I left before. I do hope I got all the super power strength in order to finished 'em all.

My 'Friend', I offer my life for You. Let You guide me in whatever I am encounter. My job, my life, our house.........etc Amen.