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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Updated! FOREVER LIVING!

Hello folks!

Its a long time I didn't post any new entry in my blog... Huhhh but my hobby is still the same yah, and of course it's so many updated from me and I'm trying to share it all...! 

First, I thanked God for everything He has done for me, my family, my job, my career, my business. Whatever I am encounter, I believe there is always a way to move on!


So lets talk about this richest & multi-billionaire company. Founded by Dr Rex Maughen in 1978 in Arizona US. I am very proud and so lucky when my upline introduce me this beautiful products and business on earth. 


First thing first, I am fall in love with the products actually.. I've been consuming Forever Aloe Vera Gel since early this year 2015. 

At that time I'm still not a member, still borrowing my aunt's ID since she is my close aunt. My first glance about the product was very positive because I did saw my aunty consuming it since she was doing some operation last more than 10 years ago. But at that time, I am still young and didn't know anything about business! And since 3 years ago, I diagnose with gastric pain and I feel very unhealthy! I did spent thousands to see a specialists doctors and pay for the treatment including medicine! I am really NOT enjoy it!

Then, early of this year, my aunt accompanied me to Forever Centre, Kota Kinabalu and I bought some Forever Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Berry Nectar if I'm not mistaken. I'm taking Nectar because my menses is not regular as well. After a few weeks consuming Nectar, my menses is normal until now. Thank Forever!
Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Berry Nectar

We will learn about all products soon. But actually it already available at my other blog.

So, that is all for now.. I'm going to update my other blog! See you then.!

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