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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End of March 2011!

Hey Ya'll..

What's up today?? Today I'm back to office since yesterday was my holiday (^_^) I am so much tired and need a lot lot lot of rest, I guess... But When I think of my time at so much pack and I always in hurry and rushing... Pity my baby, I even didn't have time to bring her coloring...but I promise, after this I will buy coloring book for her since I already bought color for her...

..And today, we're at the end day of March..31.03.11 (Thursday)... and my pregnancy reach 8 months.. got remaining 1½ months to deliver... I am hope that everything will be in my plan... Please God.

.. What should to do for April? A lot..prepare all things necessary at home! That's important right.. in order to celebrating our baby's birth..

God, please...I only depend on YOU. Amen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey ya'll....

..this morning while driving to office, I almost involved with the road accident... It happened so fast and I didn't realized what happen in front of me.. I only remember that the taxi in front of me make an emergency brake and so do I.. I am so much shocked as well as baby I thought... Oh gosh! I hope baby is OK. (Amen).

After reached office, I decided to go to the clinic to check for my baby... On 10.00am I reached at hubby's office and he sent me to the clinik at Donggongon.. As regard to the scan, my baby is OK..and I hope so! God please protect my baby., Amen.

Moral of the story, be careful when you are driving especially at the high way... Thanks God I didn't break the front car. I hope my baby is Ok and strong. Amen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks God he was here...(^_^)

Het ya'll...last night I am so happy coz my hubby coming back from KL after 2 nights training... Miss him so much...

...and now thanks God he is now already, and I felt that our baby also feel so happy her daddy is here...(^_^)

Tonight will be open our Burger stall again.. see ya! Just to share my great feeling today.. GB us...

Monday, March 21, 2011

I hate when hubby is not Around..

Hey ya'll.... Good morning...happy working again on Monday in a new week.. this week will be the second week before March end! Hopefully, everything was done good in this whole month...

... Yesterday, I sent hubby to the AirAsia Airport..he is going to training in KL for 2 days...owwww that was so long day for me. . and last night I sleep alone with my baby inside.. the feeling is so much bad.. (I am so sad becoz when I am crying baby also sad).. what can I do? Just sing a song for her, talk to her whenever I am sad...

... Syukur la.. dapat tidur jg..even late at night..

Hubby, I wait for you ok.. tomorrow midnight will pick u up....! I miss u so much.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Wedding to my cousin Esther Jane & Samson

Hey ya'll.... Once again I am working on Saturday (19/03/11) and I am a bit sad can't back to my hometown to attend my cousin's wedding... Not only that, I miss all my family members there.... and now I am here in a boring office doing some work... My hubby and I suppose to balik kampung but in some condition had stop us.. I am not feeling well with my body condition, and tomorrow hubby will fly to KL for 2 nights! Where should I stay?? Nobody at home.... It is better alone I guess... Baby with me...(^_^)

Anyway, I am sorry cuzz can't attend your big day.....and I wish you both joy and happiness never ending... Happy wedding Day to Esther & Samson.. Good luck for ur marriage. God Blessed.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

D e a r D i a r y . . .

Hey ya'll...
Lets welcoming the month of March 2011... W E L C o M e M A R C H.... so what's up.. How was February? Interesting? Happy? Sad? I experienced all these kind of feeling..... and this month I am 7 months pregnant... my body feels so much tired, weak....etc my baby is growing too much fast as well. I wish that she will be ok all the time even I am too busy with daily work & business.. I wish she could understand all these situation..

Last night was 1st of March, actually I heard some bad news from someone...and I am a bit disappointed after all things happened. I am now thinking of every words while talking with this people. I didn't want to blame himself as regard to what he had said but I am shocked he could blame us like that. God please let me free from these problem. YOU knew that a lot of things come one by one into my life that I couldn't understand why is that happen? I am trying to imagine all the wonderful things due to I am pregnant now, and I believe that think too much on problems are not good for my baby.... (I'm sad a bit)

....whatever it is.. I knew God has gifted me with a tough feeling in order to encounter all kind of troubles and same goes to my baby. Even though, whenever I am angry, stress, heart-broken, my close one.............................etc

..What I have to do now is imagine on everything wonderful, happy, beautiful, creative, etc... Train my mind positive until my delivery... I myself will encounter all the painful, sore and hurt! Please strengthen me Father.

.................. See ya.