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Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulation to the Winner of Weight Loss Challenge...

Hyee again.... I need to express my happy feeling coz my hubby eventually become the Winner for Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge... He had loss for 14kg in 3 months..... and won RM1,200 for 1st place... Congrats!
I'll uploading the pictures soon...:-)

At least I am happy for today..

Hey ya'll.... Today I am just started my on leave... and continue for a long holiday due to Wesak and Kaamatan day! Happy holiday...
My thanks to my beloved hubby.. He just bought me a new Sony Hp.Now I own my C905.even it is not a new Sony model... Grateful for that..(^_^)
I wish that I will be more happy for this coming holiday which everyone should do! I need to be more strong enough to face all people!
Alright, see ya in my next entry..c ya..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still the same....

Hey ya'll.....
Actually, i dont know what to type here today.... my heart, mind, whole body....are still the same....pain! I am trying to accept whatever challenge which NOW in front of my eyes... I can't run from this after all happened... Only God's know my feeling now.. I can even feel 100 types of feeling.. and not sure when it will disappear. Your heart is crying and you can' share to is it feel huh??
Pleaseeee... I am trying to be patient and tolerant...Guide me to solve this!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something I NEVER expected...Only God knows...

I am speechless for what happened currently....! I can't say it with words or in a sentence because this HURT me so much! My deep heart was really hurt because of someone that I really love...
Only God knows it better... How we can handle this after this? I don't know... Please guide me and all of them. I am not going to blame anyone in this matter BUT surely my heart say YES. This is so hurt me.. My high expectation suddenly goes down.. and I felt my blood pressure!! All my whole body shaking with my broken heart, with tears!! So hurt.. !!
God please forgive me if I never do my resposibility....Who should be blame into this matter??

Happy birthday to my buddy Alden Lymbai...

Hey ya'll....
Ha ha...he is actually my nephew which is now 6 years old oready... Hopefully, we can celebrate his birthday at Ranau home...(home sweet home)......
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALDEN... Love u so much! All d best in life~future..(^_^)
With love From Aunt Wyna.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can't wait until tomorrow..!

Hey ya'll....

Happy sunday to all my greatest blog's friend.....:-)

well, another thing to share is I can't wait until tomorrow.....She (my lovely sister) will come back from Malacca to KK! Yess... I'll pray for ur journey from Malacca-KL-KK...God will always watching ur 1st step out of home until reach to KK.. God will guide ur way and every single things u do until we meet again in SABAH!

See ya Sis Renna Avi!

Happy birthday to my late dearest friend....

Today is Late Hillarie of my closest friend who passed away last year (2009) because of critical illness.... I believe he is in heaven now with Heavenly Father and surely he is now live in peace 'there'.....
I will remember all our memories while together in U, PMG....etc... u are called true friend and 'till now I can't believe u 'go'. I believe u are now more healthier than before... GBU my friend....
U will always in my mind... Thanks for being a such good friend.
HE loves u more! Amen.

Happy Engagement to cuz Lynda & Ronny

Hey ya'll....yesterday should be a unforgetable day for Lynda & Ronny....Happy Engagement and soon will be a husband & wife...M G B U both!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday working..

Hey ya'll..
Today I am not so happy.. Not because of working on Saturday.. maybe because of I miss my home town..more than 2 month I am not there..and yeahh it's a long period for me.. I miss everything there...House, room, environment, trees, town, church...and most important all my family... MISS THEM A LOT....!
Sometimes my mind blank of everything around me.... so many things to mentions. but that's called life..I must go on.. Something I want to share here, but I can't...yes its my secret between my God & me... let me handle it myself and let God guide me..
My job?! What to say huh? Yupp, 3 pcs of application letter has been sent to 3 selected company.. If God want this happen then I will be called for an interview..(^_^)
Alright, I'll continue my work now.. see ya'll in next entry..

Monday, May 10, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY TO ALL MUM! (Especially my mum)

Again, Mother's day comes again..... I still remember last year was the last we've celebrate Mother's day at my home town... I bought a bouquet of flower for my mum and sisters! (^_^) And this year, again...Happy that can bring my mum out to the city.. with my lovely sis and her two little Power Rangers..(^_^) At least that I saw she is happy for what I've gave to her... Not so expensive but it sincere from me... I am so happy yesterday while hang out with them.. Even I feel tired but Happy feeling able to fight it. Lols.. true!

What about the other?? Have u say Happy Mother's day to your mum? I will be the one who is sooooo happy if mum happy..and can celebrate Mother's day...Anyway, I believe each of you have enjoyed ur day..(^_^)

Some photoes we've took yesterday:

Love u mum...

My mum, gorgeous sister & 2 brilliant Power Rangers!


Im just happy my hubby finally found our LOVE story book....(^_^).. These book content a lot of our love expression/explanation between two of us since the 1st time we've met in 2001..... (Miss that time) Thank you hubby.....

These are them:

All can I say is Thank you and I'm happy! (^_^)


Hey ya'll... Good morning...its 9.25 a.m in KK.... Today, I'm on leave... Woke-up early this morning..prepared shake for my hubby n me... then send my hubby to work. So many thing on my mind but can't do it all lump sum! Whoaa... today will be the last day for Weight Challenge..and who will be the winner... Hopefully hubby can win this...(^_^)
Anyway, should I send all the application letter to selected company that I've wrote? Please guide me Father. I know u the One who ask me to do this...(^_^)
What else to say? My part-time business just ok. and less time to meet people..What to do? And I am just thinking that I still interested working in a company/ office.. Perhaps, I am less concentrate in doing this business.... OR sometimes the other way around! huhhh.....
1 week to go before SPA result! Whatever it is, I hope for good result and this will be a chance for me to get a stable job...(Hopefully).. Yes, I need to improved the way we live now..I'm not saying we're not good but for me, I didn't satisfy of my current job... (actually blur and a bit dissapointed what the HOD has gave me). Sometimes, I put a lot of effort just to do my job and to satisfy my HOD but I felt that it waste my time... I mean: (ada2 saja yg x kena) refering to what I have done.. I do believe these are all will improved my job experience but for me I am truly dissapointed for almost a year working with them.. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity.
Another thing, 1 week before my lovely sister will back to KK! Yesss! I am waiting for her since there's a lot I will share with her... Can "lepak" and talking about everything! LOLSSS~~ (can't wait)............. I hope she can give me least I can say everything that burden me....(Sorry sis) Im just kidding! (I believe she will get a better result for this semester).
Alright. Bye for now...will continue with next entry!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May comes again!

Hey ya'll..its May already! What to think huh? Times flies soooooooooo fast.....! Without realize it is almost reach to half of the year 2010..... well, my job is still d same... My age at Bina Puri Construction is also will come to a year... The only thing I think is Im grateful for the boring job & position....huh??? A lot of things happen..only a few changed!
I am hoping for a good news in this month...Please, Make my way oh God...Only u can guide me... Double up my effort, so that I can improve my situation now....
No idea to say...but very happy its May!! My marriage is 1 month to go for our 1st anniversary..Wish good news as well....(^_^)
Till then.