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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My free time...

Hii there to all my viewer.....its a long time I did not post any entry since early of month....

Memang daily life ni as usual la..mau write everyday pun xda pa2 mau d kasi crita...hehe...anyway.. this is my latest pictures with my friend Lynnetha Vivien Ang @ Gigie Aling...wahh full name gtu...baru la kan...:-P together wit my day with my fiance..^_^ tp muka my fiancee xda pula kan....alahaiiii....*_*

My best friend...dia ni suka tlg org, lemah lembut.paling penting she's clever...^_^

Kasian jg pic kmi ni..blur...aha...xpa la yg penting npk ba kan...wahhh time ni penat jg la..dr KK then p 1B lg..mghabiskan masa yg mmg patut d buang....haha


Dia ni mmg laughing girl...hahaha jan marah aaa sayang...*_*

My latest pics..everyday at home so jarang la ambil gmbr...ehe tp d ruma pun msti expose jg to any current issues tau...chewahhh

well well well....kengkwn suma...thanks for visiting me...n hope u guys will keep in touch...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Think about my 'day' preparation

Hiii there..once again..I am to post a new entry today..and keep thinking about my 'day' many things I haven't settle..and and I've no idea ooo....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The World No.1 weight Loss company....

Hiii again..

Today I 've attend Herbalife Training Seminar in Le Meridian KK.. well.what can I say..? It was great..*_* everyone give positive feedback after take the product and in short..They satisfied!! It cannot be denied..if u already knew about it.jom try! ha ha it really good for our healthy...even in a month u can see the different.. Anyway,some pictures I've take.

Satisfied customer...forget his name...he is a doctor.. will edit soon...*_*
With Ms. Yap Mui Kim in Nutrition Club Kepayan..She is Herbalife GET Team..
Will edit and post more about Herbalife...*_*
C ya soon..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to new baby born..!

Thanks God for my sister's new baby born on 31st March 2009, 4.55pm.. everything I can see inside the labor was very painful...huh I can't imagine..kalo sy??
Its baby boy again.. That's why la jg I can't post any entry lately... the baby is so cute!! His name is ALDRICH.. I wish GOD will give him excellent healthy and let him grow in a good condition.. AMen..