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Monday, March 18, 2013


Hyee helllooo

Long time no post  any entry... and of course a lot of things happened!
Since last year, we're going to Long Tanid for Christmas celebration.
And 4th of January 2013 we've moved to our new house. Thanks God. And I fell sick for almost 2 months. Thanks God I am now feel more healthy. And I can take a good care of my beloved daughter.
Now She almost 1year and 10months. ( weight 10.1kg, height 83cm). Doctor also said she is in a small body figure. Anyway, I am feel so grateful for everything HE had blessed me & family.

Soon, I am planning to do a new business..but soon I will update. Hopefully I am able to share. Because I feel Im gonna busy with all those thing. Heavenly Father, You are my savior, guide my way. Amen.

Till then, have to do a lot of things.