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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Hello everyone... it's this end of the day of 2011.. I am grateful for whatever I have done in 2011... Wish the year 2012 will be a great journey for me, baby, & hubby, as well as to whole my family member.. I believe that HE has set plan for each of us. Let us welcoming 2012 with blessing from God.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby CLovey 7 months

Wow...time flies so fast, baby is now 7 months. She is a bit small but tall. Loss her weight a bit. This year will be the 1st celebrating Christmas with family. See you in Christmas day. Mummy daddy love you so much.

Baby development, she is more stronger and trying herself to sit.. Good luck baby.

Merry Christmas 2011 & Happy New Year 2012!

Hey ya'll... How are you? I've missed a lot of posts to be post since i can't even login to my blog..Frustrated.. But now it work after do some google setting. What I want to share is I am now a fully housewife. Taking care of my own daughter, cook, washing, and everything for my both beloved. Thanks God for this brilliant decision.

Last Monday, baby got a bit problem when past motion since I changed her milk formula to S-26 Promil. I'm not sure actually what I already gave to her but it is better back to normal. Just give her prevoius formula. God is good all the time, I believe on it. Even He test us with so many things that sometimes makes us dissapointed, raise anger, feeling down & poor, He always open His way for us. I am hoping that He will carry & throw all my heartache!

Let us forget all bad memories along this year and continue for our new commitment in 2012!

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012 everyone. God bless.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby CLovey 6 Months!

Hey ya'll, i love to share to all of you my baby already 6 months age yesterday 20.11.11.. Brought her to 'jalan-jalan' cari makan yesterday.. she is getting stronger and big... she is a good girl and good listener..patient like daddy, cute like mummy (^_^). Dear God, please always looks over her, and give patience to the people who will take care of her. Now, then, and forever. Amen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

End of JOB

Hey ya'll...morning... I am actually just decide the hardest and difficult decision.. RESIGN of my current job...
Reason is to take care of my daughter.. hurmm...that will be my next exciting commitment.. even, there are some other main reason, which i will not mention 'em. What I wish now is the best for whatever projects I am going to do after this. Sure i can do it. Right after I am succeed I will share to ya'll.. Wish me luck and GB me...Wish all my BP friends all the best as well.

My beLoved Queenly, we will be together all the time next month. Hope everything will be alright. Thanks God for this decision. I believe this is your plan for me. Amen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your 5-month-old: Week 4

How your baby's growing:

Your baby now sees and hears the world almost as well as you do. Her communication skills are expanding rapidly, too, as evidenced by her squeals, bubbling sounds, and operatic octave changes. Her sounds can demonstrate her attitude or response to objects — such as happiness, eagerness, or even satisfaction with a problem well solved.

At this age, about half of babies babble, repeating one syllable — such as ba, ma, ga, or other consonant-vowel combinations — over and over. A few will even add another syllable or two, making their sounds more complex.

You can encourage your baby by babbling right back at her and by making a game of it ("The sheep says, 'baaa,'" or "The goat says, 'maaa'"). Or, when you hear a syllable you can't identify, just respond enthusiastically with something like, "Yes, that is a car! See how shiny the red paint is?" Your baby will appreciate your keeping the conversation going.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your 5-month-old: Week 3

How your baby's growing:

Your baby's getting better at spotting very small objects and tracking things that are moving. At this point, he may be able to recognize an object after seeing only part of it — like his favorite toy peeking out from under a blanket. This will be the basis of little hide-and-seek games you'll be playing in the coming months. He can also follow an object out of his view.

You may also notice that he'll reach for a block (or another object) on a table if you hold him close to it, and once he's got one, he may just go after a second.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your 5-month-old: Week 2

How your baby's growing:

Your baby may start showing signs of one of her first major emotional milestones — stranger anxiety. She may become clingy and anxious around new (and even familiar) people and may cry if a stranger suddenly approaches her.

Keep this in mind when you're around people she doesn't know, and try not to be embarrassed when she cries in someone else's arms — just take her back and calm her down by holding her yourself. Tell your friends and family to approach your little one with slow, gentle movements.

A case of stranger anxiety doesn't mean you have to avoid new faces. Your baby will benefit from being around people other than you and your partner. Just remember that she needs your patience and understanding to get through this very important stage of development.

• Learn more fascinating facts about your 5-month-old's development.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy birthday to Hubby Charles

Hey ya'll... I just wanna wish Happy birthday to my hubby, CharLes.. Yesterday was his birthday 26.10.2011.. So much grateful because can celebrate her birthday last night at MayFlower Restaurant. Thanks to Meng, Ian & Jav for the delicious dinner! God bless you all.

To hubby; God bless you all the time, and May HE bless you with full of love, health and success in your business. (^_^) From: Mummy & Baby CLovey

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your 5-month-old: Week 1

How your baby's growing:

Your baby can't express his emotions in the same complex way you can. Although he can clearly let you know when he's happy or unhappy, his ability to demonstrate his love and sense of humor is just developing.

As your baby gets older, he may start to cry when you leave the room and get excited when you come back in. He may also raise his arms when he wants to be picked up and give you pats on the back.

And you'll probably see him getting your jokes — he'll laugh at funny expressions and try to make you laugh too. Keep the laughter flowing with your silly faces!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your 4-month-old: Week 4

How your baby's growing:

Following a well-established nighttime routine, which might include a bath or a bedtime story, may help settle your baby to sleep. It's a good idea to consistently "sequence" your baby toward slumber, as in this example: Feed her, give her a bath, put her in pajamas, read her a book, sing a lullaby or play some music, and then put her down.

A beloved routine gives you and your baby plenty of time to connect and wind down. You may decide to alternate going-to-bed activities with your partner (you do the bath, he reads the story, and so on). Or, to give both of you a regular break, try taking turns, with one person responsible for putting your baby to bed each night.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome October (Charles & CLovey)

Hey ya'll... again! We're in new month.. How are ya'll?

My baby will be 5 months this month. I am so glad and proud for her. She is now know to laugh whenever gave her some entertainment or make funny faces, and sing "Raise your hands, clap..clap..clap.." (^_^) She is now know to "sing", ha ha I mean make some shout noises..." aaahhh aaaahhh" something like that... She is now know to crawl.. (^_^) I hope that she will be more strong everything crawling. Thanks God.

"Always smile my baby coz' your smile makes me so happy and proud"

Your 4-month-old: week 3 Your silly baby

How your baby's growing:

Even though crying is still your baby's strongest form of communication, he's also beginning to develop a sense of humor. He may start to laugh at pleasant surprises, such as your face appearing from underneath a blanket or a toy popping out of a box, provided it isn't too loud or startling.

Encourage your baby's laughs, giggles, and smiles with funny faces and lots of general silliness. Babies enjoy hearing a variety of sounds, and you don't need special toys or instruments to create them. Simply click your tongue, whistle, or make animal noises — your baby will love it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your 4-month-old: Week 2

How your baby's growing:

By now, your baby may play with her hands and feet for a few minutes at a time. She's quite fond of doing one action over and over again until she's sure of the result. Then she'll switch things up a bit to see if the result is different.

Suddenly you'll realize it's strangely quiet in the bedroom and look in, only to discover that your baby, who until now has needed your attention for most of every waking moment, is amusing herself in her crib. You might be able to start reading the paper again — well, maybe just the headlines.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your 4-month-old: Week 1

How your baby's growing:

Researchers believe that your baby can now understand all the basic sounds that make up his native language. Between this time and 6 months of age, he'll develop the ability to make some of these sounds, which means you may hear the words you've been dreaming about, namely "mama" and "dada." While child development experts say it's too early for your baby to connect those sounds with you, that won't make hearing them any less exciting.

You can encourage your baby's attempts at communication by mirroring or imitating his expressions and sounds. He may try to imitate you, too. Say "ba" and he may try to say it back.

Reacting when your baby makes noises or tries to say something will help him learn the importance of language and better understand cause and effect. It's great for his self-esteem, too: He'll begin to realize that what he says makes a difference.

Thanks God she is already 4. Thank you Lord for guiding her all these past months. I believe that YOU always put her in a very good condition and in comfortable situation wherever & whatever my baby do & go. For these coming days, months and years I do believe that YOU already plan her way and blessed her health & strength. Amen.

Happy 4 mths CLovey. Mum & dad will always care & love you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 4th months to CLovey QueenLy

Good morning...

I Just to express my happy feeling that my baby just turned to 4 months today. My prayer for her, I hope that she will granted with good health, beautiful and strength.. Mummy and daddy will always love and care for you.. Alwayssss.. Amen.

Yesterday, I brought her to clinic and her current weight was 5.7kg & 62 cm long. Thanks Lord.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Your 3-month-old: Week 4

How your baby's growing:

When placed on her stomach, your baby will probably lift her head and shoulders high, using her arms for support. This mini push-up helps strengthen her muscles and gives her a better view of what's going on. She may even amaze you (and herself!) by rolling from her back to her front, or vice versa.

You can encourage this rolling skill through play: Wiggle a toy next to the side she customarily rolls to in case she's interested enough to try again. Applaud her efforts and smile. She may need your reassurance, as this new skill can be a little frightening.

Monday blues

Hey ya'll, I just wanna wish happy Monday and happy working to all of you.. Unfortunately, since last Friday I feel not so much well.. I had strong headache, gastric, etc.. I do hope this will end up soon.. I do hope that I will recover so soon before this Wednesday since I got special appointment.
God bless me to encounter that situation..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September is coming again

Hey ya'll.... I just want to wish happy working again... Since, we're on our long holiday since last week.. I am tired and need more rest and sleep actually... Now I still feel dizzy, rushing to send my baby to my sister's house.. That was very much tiring. We're coming back from hometown on 1st Sept, and on the 2nd go to Lawas, Sarawak again.. tiring isn't it? But I am still happy and satisfied because we're together with our baby and family.

Checked-in at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Lawas while attending cousin's wedding was so much satisfied and nice place to stay. At least nice view, easy access to shops, and comfortable. Thanks to all family. Perhaps next time, can bring baby for outing again. :-)

Lastly, hope this month will bring more happiness and Godsend for all of us. Amen.

Your 3-month-old: Week 3

How your baby's growing:

Your baby is starting to draw conclusions about the world around him. He's looking at everything with curiosity, even his own reflection. (So cute!)

Prop an unbreakable mirror next to him or set him in front of your mirror when you're getting ready in the morning. Your baby won't realize that it's actually his image in the mirror (which usually begins to happen well into the second year), but that doesn't matter. He'll love staring at his — or anyone else's — reflection, and he may show his delight with an all-out gummy grin.

I am so happy my baby is now growing up so healthy.. I hope she is doing fine wherever she go, whatever she is doing, and whatever situation she is encounter. Thank you Lord for the strength that You gave to baby. Amen.

i am waiting for her next development. (^_____*)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Your 3-month-old: Week 2

How your baby's growing:

Babies simply love to be touched. In fact, they thrive on it — touch is a critical part of growth and development. All that skin-to-skin contact not only helps you and your baby bond, but it's comforting when she's upset and soothing when she's irritable.

Nurture your baby's sense of touch with a variety of materials, such as fake fur, felt, and terry cloth. Your baby will probably try to eat everything, so choose carefully and don't leave her alone with anything that could come apart in her mouth. Look for books like Pat the Bunny that make reading a tactile experience.


Hey ya'll... Morning to ya'll..

What's up today? I feel very well to day even a bit tired and sleepy since sleep late last night. My baby was happy besides me and her daddy. Well, it's time to wish happy holiday to all friends out there who celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri and for Malaysia Happy 54th Independence day. This will be so long public holiday for this year. Love it so much.

In addition, don't forget to be so much careful in this holiday especially who are back to their hometown..(^_^) Just for a reminder. Peace. God bless all of us. Amen.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toys for 3- to 6-month-olds

As he enters this stage, a baby discovers how much fun his own hands can be now that they're no longer clenched in a fist. He can suck his fingers, and use them to grasp a toy that has been placed in his hands. He has begun to reach for toys. He soon learns to pass a toy back and forth between his hands and rotate his wrist to inspect it from all sides, usually before popping it into his mouth.

Make sure that all toys are safe for chewing — check labels! And never attach a toy to a crib or playpen with elastic, which could end up strangling or entrapping your baby. By 6 months your baby can probably sit up, giving him a new perspective on life and making him the center of his own clanging, colorful, ever-changing world.

Activity center: This is basically a rack that comes with dangling toys and / or from which you can hang toys of your own choosing. It's only for a baby who is still horizontal, but it can make life more interesting while he is. Your baby can bat at the toys, pull them, spin them, and rattle them. He'll probably begin to lose interest in his activity center once he reaches 5 months or so and can push up on his hands and knees.

Lightweight rattles: Babies love making noise. Give him a rattle and watch him shake it up. Put on music with a strong beat so he can accompany it — babies this age generally love music and are just learning to appreciate rhythm. Some rattles are clear, letting your baby in on what's making all that cool noise.

Activity bars: These are bars hung with dangling, squeaky, tuggable plastic toys that fit across an infant seat, car seat, or stroller. This means that on long car trips or stroller rides, your baby can divert himself by exploring all the interesting noisy, grippable objects in front of him.

Soft stuffed animals: This is the age at which many children begin forming an attachment to a plush animal. Key criteria include soft and cuddly. You don't want anything with wire ears or tail that could poke through the fabric and hurt your child. You do want dolls and animals with stitched-on features. Soft toys with plastic eyes and mouth are potential choking hazards. Also off-limits are features such as bells, buttons, ribbons, and yarn that your baby can yank off and stuff into his mouth.

Squeaky rubber toys: Anything a baby can grip and squeak is usually popular with this age group. These toys are perfect for the tub. Expect to hear these squeaks — and your baby's happy squeals — often.

Board books: Reading to a child at any age will pay off. (For more, take our reading quiz.) And board books can withstand mouthing, drooling, and most other forms of baby love. Listening to your voice helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of language. And varying the pitch of your voice using accents, singing, and vocalizing will make reading together much more interesting to your child. See our list of recommended board books and books for babies.

Colorful teething rings: There's nothing like gnawing on a soft plastic ring when your gums are sore. Store teethers in the refrigerator to provide cold relief when your baby needs it. Avoid putting them in the freezer. Neither the teether nor your baby's mouth is designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

Activity quilts and playmats: These quilts can smooth a journey with your baby, whether you're going across the street or across the country. Spread one on the floor and your baby has a clean, familiar surface to play on wherever you go. Hooks sewn along the side mean you can attach his favorite toys and bring them, too.

Your 3-month-old: Week 1

How your baby's growing:

Your baby has been able to recognize you since he was just a few days old, but now he may actually be able to show it. About half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.

Your baby will probably continue to smile at strangers, especially when they look him straight in the eye and coo or talk to him. But he's starting to sort out who's who in his life, and he definitely prefers you, your partner, and perhaps a few others.

Your baby may quiet down and make eye contact with you, or he may search for you in a room and move his arms in excitement or smile when he finds you. He may even find your scent calming and comforting.

Happy 3 months old my babby Clovey Queenly. Mummy and daddy hope that you are always in a good condition and God always watch over you every second. Happy growing up. Mum & dad love you so much.

God bless.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your 2-month-old: Week 4

How your baby's growing:

Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of spoken language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing will make the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting.

If your baby looks the other way or loses interest while you're reading, just try doing something else and give her time to rest. Take your cue from your baby's responses.

You'll find plenty of good books to read to your baby — such as Goodnight Moon, Good Night Gorilla, and The Big Red Barn. Choose board books that have large, bright pictures and simple text — or even wordless books with pictures for you to narrate. At this point you don't have to be slavish to age guidelines. Books designed for older children can captivate a baby if they have clear, crisp images and bright colors.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Bless You Queen..

Hye ya'll, this week will be our 2nd month in August and will be the 2nd week for my baby send to Likas as well... Pity her. She seem knew she in her car seat and will sleep her own. I hope that day and day coming, she will be more familiar with her routine... and I wish God grant me with fully strength for all these coming days..... Amen.

To my baby Queenly..mummy trust that you are strong daughter of mine, smart & brilliant girl, helpful, patient & all good things are yours. Amen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your 2-month-old: Week 3

How your baby's growing:

He's no Fred Astaire yet, but your little one's movements are getting a bit more coordinated. You'll notice that the jerky arm and leg movements of his newborn days have given way to smoother, more circular motions, especially when he's watching people.

Give your baby enough space to stretch and move his arms and legs. Lay a blanket on the floor and let him move as he pleases. These movements can help your baby strengthen and tone his developing muscles. On his tummy, he'll start to push off with his legs — the first step in getting ready to crawl.

As I saw the latest of my baby development, she is more like to communicate with people, especially mummy, daddy, and grandpama... Last night, she cried as loud as she could. So pity. I thought she want more milk, but her stomach windy.. Right after I put some medicine on her stomach, she can sleep until this morning.. Hope everything will be alright in grandpama house..God, please watch over her every second. Amen.

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st day with new car seat...

Hey ya'll..wat's up today?

Times flies so fast today, the clock shows it is almost 10am.. This morning, I drive my daughter to my PaMa-in-law. I am so pity of her because today is the first time she sat in her car seat which we has bought last night. Woke up early in the morning, I took my shower and get ready to work and of course bring Queen to Likas. Starting from today, I'll become super mummy to my dearest daughter since everyday have to send and fetch her to/ from Likas.
Well, I don't know 'till what day but for this time this will the our routine. I do HOPE that my baby will be alright with this situation everyday and could understand for whatever we are doing for her.
I took this picture while drive her to my in-law house. She show me that she will be okay inside her new car seat and feel comfortable with it.

I am alright mummy....Don't worry... I love you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your 2-month-old: Week 2

How your baby's growing:

If your baby is sleeping through the night (five or six hours at a stretch), you're one of the lucky few. Most 10-week-old babies still wake up in the wee hours. But even babies who aren't sleeping through the night at this stage should be sleeping and staying awake for longer intervals rather than cycling back and forth so much. Your baby will probably have two to four long sleep periods and as many as ten hours of awake time in 24 hours.

An interesting note: Whether your baby is a night owl or a morning lark, a long sleeper or short sleeper, that pattern will probably stay the same throughout childhood.

I hope that my baby have a good routine in her sleeping time. GB her.

Your 2-month-old: Week 1

How your baby's growing:

Your baby can tell the difference between familiar voices and other sounds, and he's becoming a better listener. He can also show you that he's in tune with his environment.Notice how he looks to see where certain noises are coming from.

An ongoing conversation (although seemingly one-sided) can help your baby develop his sense of place. He may even watch your mouth as you talk, fascinated by how it all works. You'll be amazed by his ability to communicate with a growing repertory of coos (musical, vowel-like sounds), smiles, and unique cries to express his different needs.

My baby are trying to communicate to me...(^_^)

I supposed to post this entry last week, but it's ok.. I just share this from since I can't wait my baby with other development. GB her..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My QueenLy

Good Morning my friends...

I am feeling bad since this morning.. I keep thinking of my little baby. Where should I put her by next week?? My mom? I am feel guilty whenever asking for her help... Let it stay in my deep of my heart. But NOW, sure..I am so much depressed to think of this. Maybe I better stop from my job, I think. Huh! Keep her at nursery? Find a nanny? Where? How? When to find? God, I knew YOU already have YOUR own solution for me and hubby to settle this matter...

So pity my Queenly.. Please don't cry baby. Mummy and daddy are trying to do and give the best for you. I believe you can be more independent even though you are TOO SMALL to be independent. You are my precious, my love, my clever girl, etc. All the good things belong to you. Amen. God bless you so much more! HE is always watching over you whatever you do, wherever you go....

From the moment your life begun, mummy and daddy love you so much and God created you so beautiful as HIS sight. Amen.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back To Work!

Hey ya'll..... I supposed to post this entry yesterday since I am back to work for 1st time after maternity leave yesterday... hmmm so sad to leave baby Clovey actually.. I missed her so much! Pity her mummy leave her for work.. Baby, mummy hope u are ok with mama & aunty at home ok. God always watching over u all the time my love..

At office.. I don't know so much what to do actually since my mind still at home with baby, but I am trying to settle all previous pending tasks I left before. I do hope I got all the super power strength in order to finished 'em all.

My 'Friend', I offer my life for You. Let You guide me in whatever I am encounter. My job, my life, our house.........etc Amen.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

@Home Sweet Hometown

Hey ya'll...

Last Tuesday, my baby and I and my mum was going back to hometown at Ranau. We are following Unser because my hubby can't take leave since this Saturday he will be on duty... Since we are here, the weather was fine and baby Clovey was comfortable as well. Hopefully. Today was already day 3 at my hometown and baby is missing her daddy I guess.

..anyway, I hope that everything will be alright every time we are here... I hope that baby will be more like to suck in order to her to growing up. God bless you baby. Amen.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Clovey's Fullmoon

Hey ya'll...

We are actually celebrating our 1st baby fullmoon on the 20th June
2011... I am so much grateful that we are done with it.. Baby fullmoon was successfully celebrated at Dowish Seafood Restaurant, Bundusan with the attendance of our closest family and friends.

God bless our baby.. May God filled you with happiness, strength, healthy, etc.

Here are some pictures:

Baby Queenly & mummy

A cake for her...

Daddy & mummy..

Neng & me

Friends..Kak Jun, Ros & Cath

(Below) Some presents for her

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New gift for my beLoved daughter

Hye again...

I just made an order for the Romper gift set after viewing from Adoreable Baby & Kids Closet. It was from Lahad Datu. And after made a payment for RM47.. It is in progress. And finally I just got my order this morning. I like it so much. It was the first online purchase for my baby. Eventhough she got a lot of romper but I bought it special for her fullmoon. ha ha ha It means she got the first gift from her mummy special for her fullmoon.... Lets take a look at it...(^_^)

Hope she will like it...(^_^)

That's my Baby...

Hey ya'll...

I am posting this entry actually while Baby Clovey is sleeping but she is now moving...Lol... anyway, let her doing her evening exercises.. Today and right now, I am going to share you'll my baby's pictures when she was born.. eventhough now she is going to a month..

Baby 1 week

Baby 3 weeks

The latest baby CLovey

This is my miracle, and I love her so much. No one know how the pain is was but the important thing is that God has created her for me and hubby and HE help us to bring home our miracle. Mummy and daddy love u do much Baby CLovey.

I thank and grateful for the gift HE has gifted us.
See ya...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

FinaLLy I am a mummy to my dearest baby girl..

Hey ya'll...

I supposed to post this entry since last 2 weeks, but because of all unwanted situation I encounter after my delivery I have to postphoned it 'til today.. There are a lot of story to be talk here which I will never forget. From the beginning, I was admitted at the hospital, at the labour room, and at last we are discharge from the hospital.. So many things happened actually... And the painful which I cannot imagine but now I can share to you all! It was so much painful, no words to say. But because of her (my baby), I double up my strength to get her out.

Another thing is that this was actually a surprise for me and hubby which we thought the baby is a boy, but it is the other way around.. the baby is a GIRL.. Thanks God for realizing my pray!

Thank you to my hubby as well to accompanied me along my situation when admitted at the labour room as well.. You are the first to saw baby while she out for the 1st time to thw world.

....Whaoo I have to be hurry before she wakes up! I will continue soon ya!

Welcome to the world baby CLovey QueenLy.....Muahh

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maternity Leave

Hye ya'll..

Today was my last day working due to my maternity leave start on tomorrow...11.5.11 'til 10.7.11... I already handover all job to Dymp my junior & Jun my senior.... (^_^)

And now, is time to concentrate on my pregnancy since next week is my due date.. but if there is no sign od delivery before 19th May, I will be induced on the next day 20th May due to my diabetes!

God, You are the One I offer my life now.. I depend on u now. If I will be delivery soon, please give me a sign,... then s a sign that I could detain. Give me strength, courage & etc which enable me to deliver in a good condition... Amen.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anytime In May...

Hey ya'll... Wat's up today... I just wishing everyone have a nice day working today.. Today I am not go to work due to my hubby was sick! And I got an appointment at Clinic.. Since we are already in the month of May, my due is around the corner as well... i will be deliver anytime in this few days or weeks.... I am get ready to be feel pain!!

I believe all situation already planned by Him, and I just depend on Him all the time...

We'll meet again for next entry...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

GoodBye April 2011

Hey ya'll.... Once again I am not on duty this Saturday..instead sitting at home, mopping floor, cook, eat, and blogging! Today, will be the last day in ApriL... It seems like time flies so fast, and tomorrow will be May... My due is around the corner, and Im not so sure I will be deliver early or the other way around...?? Now, I am hoping that everything will be alright...

In term or waiting for exact contraction, I am ready for that ANYTIME.. I hope to see my baby so soon in a very good condition and pass all the pain.. My back bone was actually start uncomfortable since my pregnancy was 5 or 6 months.. So that, I have to detain the strong coming painful when my baby is going to deliver... Whoaaa....Please give me stength! Only YOU can gifted me all the strength..

3 weeks to go before my due...seems make me fear. worry, in term of painful...but I wish I will get the strength from my baby & hubby as well.....

Heavenly Father, I knew YOU are already plan when I will be deliver, what time and date, and I believe YOU'LL be at my side whenever I am at the labour room...! Amen.

Bye April, welcome May... This coming May will be my true 1st experience that I can't imagine what will happend... and will become official Mummy to my baby... Same goes to hubby..official Daddy...(^_^) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey ya'll....

Wat's up today?? I suppose to post an entry last Saturday, but since I got 'cirit birit', then I have to postponed it... (^_^) And now, what can I say is that I am so boring in this office.. My task is already finished and around 11.00am I have to go to Likas Hosp. for and O&G appointment. I dun know what will be this purpose..

........................... no idea! I'm sleepy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's become confusing!

Hey ya'll.... wat's up..? well, it still in my head...yesterday, my hubby & I go to Permai P/clinic to scan for baby's performance... Head, stomach, legs, are all in a good condition.... The other thing is that, the doctor check for gender and he said 'it' was a boy...I am a bit shocked actually.... But if my baby is really a boy, what to? Whatever God gifted us, I am grateful...(^_^)

I think this is a surprise huh..... God, please protect my baby in whatever position/ situation.. I only depend on You my Heavenly Father.

Now, even I am confuse...but I do hope that baby's situation and condition is always in a goos situation... And I believe in God.. He has gave us the BEST... Amen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

WaitinG for the days...

Hey ya'll.....Good Morning everyone...How r u? Once again, I am here, sitting on my chair at a boring place...ha ha ha... Well, what should I do other than be patience in whatever happen in front of me....Yeheww Anyway, my younger sister buzz me on, it is not too boring I guess... ha ha ha I am waiting the day coming actually...this week will enter 35 weeks...It can be anytime...(^_^) but whatever it is, my feeling is so much not in a good temperature! I mean I am worried actually... I don't know how it feel it to deliver...Please help me Father...

I am hoping that everything will be in a good condition... God already has a plan for me to deliver.. I believe in Him...

Now, I am waiting for her to moving..that is all because I just want to calculate how many move she takes... Baby, help mum key...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Morning ApRiL...

Hey ya'll.... What's up today...?

We're now in the new month again..It's April everyOne... So what is the next pan of your life? Target for this month? Jeng..jeng..jeng.. Let u and me only know our plan right...? Ok Ok good... pregnancy is now 8 months..only remaining 1½ months to go...Now I can counting the days...huh God blessed me, hubby and baby.. Let whatever happen will be in God's plan. (Please No April fool ya!)

Now, in the office, updating my blog He He He... I'm so much sleeping actually in this early morning...Just now while I am driving felt do sleepy as well..huh Pity my baby, I guess she is sleepy as well since last night we're in bed late at night..:-( Hope my baby is strong enough to face all these situation...and hope that she know whatever effort we've do for our family..(Thank you baby).

Alright...continue to do my work now... See you all next time... God blessed us in this new month.Tata

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End of March 2011!

Hey Ya'll..

What's up today?? Today I'm back to office since yesterday was my holiday (^_^) I am so much tired and need a lot lot lot of rest, I guess... But When I think of my time at so much pack and I always in hurry and rushing... Pity my baby, I even didn't have time to bring her coloring...but I promise, after this I will buy coloring book for her since I already bought color for her...

..And today, we're at the end day of March..31.03.11 (Thursday)... and my pregnancy reach 8 months.. got remaining 1½ months to deliver... I am hope that everything will be in my plan... Please God.

.. What should to do for April? A lot..prepare all things necessary at home! That's important right.. in order to celebrating our baby's birth..

God, please...I only depend on YOU. Amen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey ya'll....

..this morning while driving to office, I almost involved with the road accident... It happened so fast and I didn't realized what happen in front of me.. I only remember that the taxi in front of me make an emergency brake and so do I.. I am so much shocked as well as baby I thought... Oh gosh! I hope baby is OK. (Amen).

After reached office, I decided to go to the clinic to check for my baby... On 10.00am I reached at hubby's office and he sent me to the clinik at Donggongon.. As regard to the scan, my baby is OK..and I hope so! God please protect my baby., Amen.

Moral of the story, be careful when you are driving especially at the high way... Thanks God I didn't break the front car. I hope my baby is Ok and strong. Amen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks God he was here...(^_^)

Het ya'll...last night I am so happy coz my hubby coming back from KL after 2 nights training... Miss him so much...

...and now thanks God he is now already, and I felt that our baby also feel so happy her daddy is here...(^_^)

Tonight will be open our Burger stall again.. see ya! Just to share my great feeling today.. GB us...

Monday, March 21, 2011

I hate when hubby is not Around..

Hey ya'll.... Good morning...happy working again on Monday in a new week.. this week will be the second week before March end! Hopefully, everything was done good in this whole month...

... Yesterday, I sent hubby to the AirAsia Airport..he is going to training in KL for 2 days...owwww that was so long day for me. . and last night I sleep alone with my baby inside.. the feeling is so much bad.. (I am so sad becoz when I am crying baby also sad).. what can I do? Just sing a song for her, talk to her whenever I am sad...

... Syukur la.. dapat tidur jg..even late at night..

Hubby, I wait for you ok.. tomorrow midnight will pick u up....! I miss u so much.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Wedding to my cousin Esther Jane & Samson

Hey ya'll.... Once again I am working on Saturday (19/03/11) and I am a bit sad can't back to my hometown to attend my cousin's wedding... Not only that, I miss all my family members there.... and now I am here in a boring office doing some work... My hubby and I suppose to balik kampung but in some condition had stop us.. I am not feeling well with my body condition, and tomorrow hubby will fly to KL for 2 nights! Where should I stay?? Nobody at home.... It is better alone I guess... Baby with me...(^_^)

Anyway, I am sorry cuzz can't attend your big day.....and I wish you both joy and happiness never ending... Happy wedding Day to Esther & Samson.. Good luck for ur marriage. God Blessed.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

D e a r D i a r y . . .

Hey ya'll...
Lets welcoming the month of March 2011... W E L C o M e M A R C H.... so what's up.. How was February? Interesting? Happy? Sad? I experienced all these kind of feeling..... and this month I am 7 months pregnant... my body feels so much tired, weak....etc my baby is growing too much fast as well. I wish that she will be ok all the time even I am too busy with daily work & business.. I wish she could understand all these situation..

Last night was 1st of March, actually I heard some bad news from someone...and I am a bit disappointed after all things happened. I am now thinking of every words while talking with this people. I didn't want to blame himself as regard to what he had said but I am shocked he could blame us like that. God please let me free from these problem. YOU knew that a lot of things come one by one into my life that I couldn't understand why is that happen? I am trying to imagine all the wonderful things due to I am pregnant now, and I believe that think too much on problems are not good for my baby.... (I'm sad a bit)

....whatever it is.. I knew God has gifted me with a tough feeling in order to encounter all kind of troubles and same goes to my baby. Even though, whenever I am angry, stress, heart-broken, my close one.............................etc

..What I have to do now is imagine on everything wonderful, happy, beautiful, creative, etc... Train my mind positive until my delivery... I myself will encounter all the painful, sore and hurt! Please strengthen me Father.

.................. See ya.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Baby girl"....

Hey ya'll....what's up today? Me as usual, doesn't have enough rest at the whole sad..

..well anyway, last holiday 15.02.2011, my hubby & I go to PermaiPolyclinic to do baby scan...again the same doctor was on duty... after the scan, he identified my baby was a girl. Thanks God is his work is right.. Because I didn't really confident of his scanner device, seems like so blur and the doctor doesn't know how to see the baby's gender... Anyway, whatever it is my hubby & I was so much grateful for HIS precious gift HE gifted us..

Nowadays, I can feel the she is moving a lot inside my pity her..almost 7 months 'there', I believe she is a strong person than me, good girl, responsible & always listen to her parents and the most important to her Heavenly Father.. Mummy & daddy love you so much baby.. Be nice there Ok.. Can't wait to wait for u but I must be patient at all until you've come out.

God Blessed.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey ya'll.... What's up!

...all what can I say today is I am so sleepy! I just wanna dream of having myself at home sleeping under a cold aircond with my orange blanket....ha ha ha But it's just the feeling...The real is that I am still here in a boring office... eating Puding, Mandarin lime, chatting, surfing the internet........etc (totally boring right?)

...what to say, I am thinking to a lot of thing nowadays... think to be more serious in whatever I do, behave more matured, another important thing is that behave/ think more positive words/ sentence...especially when talking with closest people in my life..

..sshhh my baby is now moving...I am hoping that she/he will be alright...(^_^) I am out of patience to wait for her/him..God blessed!

See ya... I am seriously too sleepy right now...Zzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minor surgery!

Hey ya'll...

What's up today! I have a great feeling today morning compared to last night..I am referring to my hubby where he got some small accident on hand while separating the meat burger... wheww...he's so some injections on hand and (3 jahitan)! 2 days MC means --- I am hoping that he will be alright and get well so so soon!

...anyway I guess last night we've got a great business..but we have to close too early due to paper burger no stock. So sayang, a lot of customers still stood in front of out stall asking for BURGERS!

But it's ...tonight will be continue......................... hope tonight we'll got same fun as last night...(^_^) Thanks so much God.

Nothing can defeat Faith! Amen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year Rabbit!

Hey ya'll... Good morning in a new month....

Whoa...I just realized we're in a new month in 2011.... 2nd of Feb 2011.... Well, I wish to all my Chinese friends, Happy CNY tomorrow... Wish everyone of u have a good day and luck in this Rabbit year...

......and my pregnancy will be in a 6 month this month... 3 months to go to be deliver... GB me and baby.... I believe that God guide me and give me healthy/ strength to face it all...

.....Another this is that our Burger Stall is about 1 week and 2 days operated..Unexpected job, customers not so bad.. I believe they're all like to eat burger and I wish that our business will not end...if God's will....

Alright, that is all to share right idea and so sleepy!!!!! Zzzzzzz

See ya in the next entry, hopefully will share some interesting story.. Bye for now...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now Open...

Hey ya'll....Good Morning....How do you feel today... Well, now its just morning and its so cloudy..I love it..

Anyway, just to share to you about my hubby new Burger Stall which is just open since last Sunday (1st day) - 23/1/11...It is located around Bundusan, near Amenah Restaurant... So far so good... Finally his wishes come true..(^_^) I am happy for him, even this is only a part time.. Well, if you guys got time to/ pass by the restaurant..feel free to come and enjoy our delicious burger... Its now open everyday (hopefully).

Well, good luck to my hubby with his new stall... Gbu all the time...

"Taste, then you knew it"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Almost End

Hey ya'll...what's up??

We're 22 days in the month of January....So, how life goes on??? Is everything alright or...? Well, well...Me? As usual, going to be more hardworking in doing my job...Ha ha ha... Even it is so boring while I am in the office.............Yehewwwww

...and absolutely, January almost end...and my pregnancy will be 6 month in February... I am so gald my baby is growing and growing.... About gender, don;t know yet....Hope we (Me & Hubby) got 1 day to go scan...(^_^)

Well, another thing to share is my hubby is opening his Burger Stall soon...! That's great hubby, and I believe this is what he dream since young age... Hope all the expertise in cooking burger will be expanded and good luck for this small business.

God will never let us alone in making decision and eeveything we're encounter.. God Blessed!

See ya in the next entry. Bye for now.