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Friday, April 25, 2014


Whoaaaa Holla....
It is a very long time I didn't post anything in my dearest BLOG.
First of all, Thanks God I am still breathing and enjoy my life everyday with my beloved daughter and hubby... Thanks God for the health, wisdom, & wealth that you have gave to me and my big family. I miss to sing for You, and wish You are my best friend FOREVER.

Now, I am still working with current company in Kota Kinabalu. Thanks God for the job where I have improved a lot! I do hope even I am running my business (shop/ online) as well, I still can manage everything. I hope for future I will be a great in business.

Always no ideas and more time to type here.. Of course I have a lot of activities, and do much much more to do... I've set up a shop but still have no time to open coz I am working.. That's why I am into confusion, blur... hahaha! Can someone give me an ideas...???

Bah ok la... Will continue soon (^_^)

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